Students Can Eat in The Galley and Save Money

If your student commutes to Armstrong every day, they can eat in The Galley and save money, if they purchase and completely use one of Armstrong’s Commuter Student Meal Plans. The cost of paying for a meal at the door is significantly higher than the cost per meal when using a meal plan. Not only do meal plans save money on food, but they save money on gas too. With the ever-rising gas prices we are currently experiencing, it doesn’t make sense for your student to get in their car and drive off campus to find something to eat. Not to mention the hassle of driving around and around the parking lot to find a parking space when they return. Parking is at a premium at Armstrong these days.

The Commuter Student Meal Plans, a.k.a. Block Plans, were specifically designed for commuter students and there are several available. There is the 10- Block Plan, which gives your student 10 all-you-care-to-eat meals in The Galley for the semester the meal plan was purchased. There are also 25- and 50-Block Plans, which give your student 25 or 50 meals for the semester. One quick note: all of the meals must be used by the end of the semester, because unused meals do not roll over to the next semester and these meal plans are nonrefundable. If your student does use all of the meals on their plan, and they find that they need more meals, they can always add more meals in increments of 10, 25 or 50. They just have to fill out another form and pay for the extra meals at the Bursar’s Office.

The prices at the door, including tax, are $6.84 for breakfast, $7.80 for lunch, and $8.23 for dinner. Your student can purchase a 10-Block Plan for $62.00, which calculates out to $6.20 per meal, as long as they use all of the meals for the semester. The 25-Block Plan, which costs $153.00, comes out to be $6.12 per meal, and the 50-Block Plan costing $300.00 is only $6.00 per meal. As you can see, your student could save from $0.64 to $2.23, depending on when they are eating and which plan they purchased.

Comparison of Door Cost Per Meal vs Block Plans

*These are the current prices, but are subject to change at any time.

Door Cost

Breakfast $6.84
Lunch $7.80
Dinner $8.23

Block Plan Cost

10-Block Plan = $62.00 $6.20 per meal
25-Block Plan = $153.00 $6.12 per meal
50-Block Plan = $300.00 $6.00 per meal
Armstrong is currently working on providing a website to make Block Plans for sale online, but the internet option is not yet complete. In the meantime, your student can purchase the meal plan of their choosing at the Bursar’s Office. All they need to do to purchase a plan is to go to the Bursar’s Office in Burnett Hall, fill out a Commuter Student Block Plan Request form, and pay for the meal plan. Depending on what time of day the meal plan is purchased, the plan should be available for use by no later than the next business day, but is usually ready for them to use within an hour or two. Then all they need to do is present their Pirate Card to the cashier in The Galley.

Please consider this food option for your commuter student for the Fall semester, beginning in August 2012. Meal plans can still be purchased for this semester, just remember to purchase a plan that they will absolutely use in the short time remaining in the semester, because they must use all of the meals in order to reap the benefits and savings built into the Armstrong Block Plans. If you have any questions or comments about Armstrong’s Commuter Student Block Plans, please contact the Card Services Office by phone at 912.344.3292, or by email at