Changes for Pell Grant Beginning Fall 2012

A new federal law has placed a limit on the amount of Federal Pell Grant awards a student may receive over his or her lifetime. The federal law will only allow for six full time Pell Grant awards (or 600%). The percentage of Pell Grant funds each student has used is called Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU.)

A full time Pell Grant award is considered 100% for the academic year. A student attending full time uses 50% each term. A student attending full time in Fall would use 50% and full time in Spring would use another 50% totaling 100% used. The six-year equivalent is 600%. If a students LEU equals or exceeds 600%, the student will no longer receive Pell Grant funding.

No students are exempt from this and students having used 600% or more will become ineligible for Pell Grant as of Fall 2012.