Campus Safety Overview

Recently, I received an inquiry from a parent who wanted more information about the safety of the campus after dark. The parent was concerned about his daughter walking back to the residential community from the library or an academic building.
My answer to the parent was this:
When you think about safety on the Armstrong Campus, you cannot compare our campus to your home city. Most cities cannot match Armstrong Police Department’s patrol presence. Armstrong Police Officers patrol the campus by vehicle, by bicycle, by ATV, and on foot.  Depending upon the shift and the planned activities, Armstrong will have between 3 and 5 police officers patrolling our 268-acre campus. Most cities cannot provide this patrol density.
Another Armstrong safety initiative is our campus lighting. Armstrong, like many cities, positions street lights 200 to 300 feet apart. In addition, Armstrong has placed lights along all of our sidewalks and in our parking lots.  In our 268-acre campus, we have 428 street and walkway lights, making Armstrong extremely well-lighted after dark. This may be best illustrated by looking at our campus lighting map. Each red dot is a high intensity street or walkway light.

A map of streetlamps on the Armstrong campus
Another safety feature is our campus escort service. A student can call the police department for an escort, if he or she is not comfortable with walking to their university apartment or to their vehicle. A police officer will be dispatched to walk with the student. We consider this a great opportunity for the students to meet and talk with the police officers.
Finally, I will mention that the Armstrong Police offer our RAD class several times each semester. The class is a realistic self defense tactics class for women only and it is taught by Armstrong police officers. It emphasizes avoidance, awareness, risk reduction, and risk avoidance while progressing to basic hands-on self defense. While our campus is very safe, the rest of the world may not be. There is no fee for this class and we highly recommend it for all women.
If you have any questions about the safety effort on Armstrong’s Campus, please feel free to contact me.
Wayne R. Willcox, MSCJ, CLEE
Chief of Police