PeopleSoft FAQs

I want my administrative assistant to complete travel expense paperwork on my behalf. How do I set this up through PeopleSoft? Will the assistant need access to view my personal information or my email to do this?

Employees can authorize other users to view/update/create expense transactions on their behalf. To delegate this task to another user, you would go into your account on the system and set up that person as an authorized user on the account. When you have an expense transaction to be processed, your assistant will log into his/her own ESS account to enter the transaction for you. The assistant will not be able to see any information from your account other than expense transactions. This authorization does not give the assistant access to your email account.

Detailed instructions for this procedure are given in the "EX.010.021 - Authorize Expenses Users /Delegate Entry Authority" topic under Travel & Expenses=>Employee Setup and Maintenance on the Self Service Training Page (UPK).

What do I do with my receipts?

Go to the Business & Finance website under office forms there is a receipt for travel form. Complete the form and attach all receipts. Some approvers want to see the receipts and some do not. Check with your approver. They must end up in the business office for the final approval of the expense report before staging for payment.

What is a budget or chartfield string?

This is a string of 4 numbers that make up the budget that the expense is being charged to. The numbers are a Fund, Department ID, Program and Class. If it is a grant or project there is a 5th number that makes up this string.

Where on my expense report or travel authorization do I put the budget string?

It should be put into the accounting default/detail section of the reports.

If I am not asking for reimbursement for a trip do I still have to fill out a travel authorization?

If you are not planning to receive any reimbursement you do not have to complete a travel authorization in the ESS system. You must however complete a paper authorization, which can be found on the BFS website under office forms. Get all necessary approval signatures and then keep the authorization on file in your office. A copy does not need to be sent to the business office. This is for insurance purposes to document that you were indeed approved for travel.

What is a standing authorization and how do I do one in the system?

Standing authorizations are for local day travel only. No overnight travel can be attributed to a standing authorization. Examples for the use of a standing authorization are travel to teach, supervise interns or clinic participants or monthly meetings off campus. Standing authorizations are also not done in the system. They can either be done on the authorization form that is out on the web or a memo stating who is authorized and the time frame the authorization covers (i.e.: fall semester 2008 or fiscal year 2009). They must then be signed by the approver of whatever budget is being charged for this travel and sent in to the business office so they can be kept on file and attached to each expense report.