Financial Services Staff

This page provides resources for traditional users of the core PeopleSoft Financials application. If you work in Financial Services, Student Accounts, Human Resources or Payroll, this page is for you. If you work in an area other than Business and Finance but need to log into Peoplesoft Financials routinely or occasionally to inquire on transactions or run reports in Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Budgets or Fixed Assets this page is for you.


Installation instructions for Swiftview Report Viewer
Training TipSheet - Setting up your system to use the UPK Player.


PS Fin V8.9
(Internet Explorer 6.x or higher (Windows) or Mozilla Firefox (Mac) recommended)
Known Issues List (GaFirst Financials site login required)
Super-User Training - recordings via Wimba Classroom
(GaFirst Financials site login required)
Business Processes and Job Aids (GaFirst Financials site login required)
UPK Player for Core Financials Users (Windows and Internet Explorer v6.0 or higher required).

Instructor-Led Workshops

To be announced as needed.

Self-service Online Instruction

The User Productivity Kit (UPK) offers you the opportunity to learn at your own pace right at your own desk when it's most convenient for you. It also ties directly into the PeopleSoft application, allowing you to open context sensitive training material right at the point where you need it.

The UPK player provides a collection of scripted lessons within a simulation of the actual self-service interface that gives you a chance to watch an automated example or try it out yourself.

To access the UPK player for core user processes, direct your browser to
(Windows and Internet Explorer v6.0 or higher is required).

This site is password protected, so when prompted, you will need to enter the userID and password provided in the orientation session. If you can't find that information, you may also obtain it by contacting the Daphne Burch.