Department & Project Managers

If you are a department head or a grant or project manager, and you are responsible for approving the expenses or purchase orders charged to your department or project, this page
provides tools and resources to help you get started using the new self-service processes.

If you approve only Travel and Expenses, you may fulfill the training requirements using the Self-Service Online Instruction, for which a link is provided below. If you approve Purchase Orders, you must attend one of the instructor-led workshops for eProcurement Approval, however, you may wish to use the UPK player links on the Self-Service Online Instruction page for additional practice and review.


How-To Guides - Step-by-Step Procedures for working with Expenses and eProcurement
Training TipSheet for Self_Service Users (Expenses Approval) - Setting up your system for using the UPK Player.
Training TipSheet for Traditional Users (Purchase Order Approval) - Setting up your system for using the Vista and the UPK Player.
Expenses Workflow - An Approver's Perspective - Overview of the approval process

Training Links

Self-Service Training Page
(Internet Explorer v6.0 or higher is required)

Instructor-Led Workshops

Contact Daphne Burch to arrange for one-on-one training in your office. Periodically, we will also offer group workshops. Look for these on the Training Schedule page.

Self-service Online Instruction

The User Productivity Kit (UPK) offers you the opportunity to learn at your own pace whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you!
The UPK player provides a series of scripted lessons within a simulation of the actual self-service interface that gives you a chance to watch an automated example or try it out yourself.

To access the UPK player and business process documents for Travelers, direct your browser to (Internet Explorer v6.0 or higher is required).

Before visiting the site, we recommend you review the Training TipSheet for instructions on how to set up your system and get the most out of the UPK Player. This site is password protected. Contact Daphne Burch to obtain the login information.

You may review any of the topics (chapters) on this page that are of interest to you in your job, however, in addition to the chapters every traveler must complete, as an approving manager you must also complete the following chapter:

Approvers - Reviewers - This chapter is specifically designed for those end users who also serve as Approvers and/or Reviewers of expense transactions. Once an end user submits an expense transaction, such as a Travel Authorization or Expense Report, it must go through the proper checks to be approved. There are four levels of approvers/reviewers in the Expenses module: Department Manager 1, Department Manager 2, Reviewer, and AP Auditor. This chapter covers the responsibilities for the first three levels, but on our campus we do not currently use the Reviewer level.

The first part of this chapter involves explaining how Workflow operates among the four roles. It also details how Approvers/Reviewers can manage approvals, as well as the steps involved to
approve/review Travel Authorizations, Expense Reports, and Cash Advances. In addition, you will learn how to budget check travel authorizations and expense reports. Finally, there is a lesson dedicated to reports, which managers can use to assist in their operations.

At the end of each chapter, you should complete the chapter quiz. Be sure to complete all topics in the chapter before completing the quiz, because it covers the entire chapter. At the end
of each topic, click the Finish link to go back to the Chapter Menu, then on the last topic, click the link that says "Click here to proceed directly to the chapter quiz...".

If you have problems or questions about using the UPK player or setting up your computer to access it, first review the Training TipSheet document to see if it answers your question. If you are still having trouble with something, contact the CIS Helpdesk for assistance.

You can download business process documents providing step-by-step instructions for every topic in each chapter under the "Travel and Expenses Business Processes" heading. These documents are bundled in ZIP files to make them easier to download. The documents are also available individually in links accessible from this resources page.


How-To Guides

All documents are in Microsoft Word format (.doc)
Applying Travel Authorizations to Expense Reports
Being an Approver in the Travel and Expense Module
Canceling a Travel Authorization
Creating a Travel Authorization in PeopleSoft
Creating Expense Reports
Deleting Expense Reports
Modifying a Travel Authorization
Modifying Expense Reports
Using Expense Reports in PS Travel and Expense Module
Using Travel Authorizations in PeopleSoft
Viewing a Travel Authorization
Viewing Expense Reports