Budget Amendment Process & Forms

Each department is responsible for monitoring their budget, via iStrategy, on a timely basis.  Departments should proactively manage the funds to ensure they are correctly distributed among the three expense classifications.  Departments may move funds from one appropriation category (ex. travel, operating expenses, equipment) to another. Such reclassification must be made by the amendment form between the department and Budget Office. The budget amendment is made for the current fiscal year only unless the department specifies that the change is permanent. Each department may submit their amendments as needed. Budget amendments are posted once a week and should be reflected in iStrategy within 7 working days of submission.

Amendments are submitted to the Board of Regents on a quarterly basis. 

Amendment Form

All budget amendments be submitted to our office on the below budget amendment form PDF. This form was created so that our office has all the necessary information needed in order to process your amendment. This form may be filled out online and then printed out for signatures. Please note that administrative approval is required for all budget amendments. After obtaining the appropriate signature, please forward the completed form to the Budget Office.

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Budget Amendment Form