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Am I required to attend orientation before I attend classes at Armstrong?

Yes, attendance at Navigate Armstrong Orientation is required for all newly-admitted, first-time freshman who plan to attend Armstrong. Freshman who do not attend orientation will not be able to register for classes. If you are transferring to the University or are over the age of 23, then you would be considered a transfer or nontraditional student respectively. Transfer and nontraditional students are not required, but strongly encouraged to attend transfer and nontraditional orientation sessions specialzied for those students.

What if I am a transfer or non-traditional student?

Transfer and nontraditional students who plan to enroll for Fall 2015 courses at Armstrong are encouraged to attend those sessions designated as Transfer/Adult sessions. These sessions occur between June through August of 2015. Though attending a session is not required for transfer and nontraditional students, we strongly recommend that you sign up online for one of these sessions. An abbreviated Navigate Armstrong session is specially designed for transfer and non-traditional student needs. It will provide valuable information regarding the Armstrong experience and allow you to register for Fall 2015 classes.

How do I register for Navigate Armstrong?

After you have been accepted for admission, registration information will be sent to you regarding the Navigate Armstrong sign-up process. You can sign up for Navigate online. However, you must have been accepted to Armstrong and have an assigned SHIP PIN number to sign up for a Navigate Session.

During the Navigate sign-up process you will be prompted to enter in information about yourself and your academic interests. You will also be prompted to enter information regarding family members attending the session.

After you sign up online, you will receive a confirmation via email.  If you have any questions and concerns about registration you can call our office at 912.344.2504 or send an e-mail to

What is the fee for Navigate Armstrong?

The Navigate Armstrong fee is non-refundable.

The fee to attend a Navigate Armstrong session is listed below:

Full Day Freshman Session:

Student: $75

Family Member: $35 per family member (limit 2 per student)

Two Day Freshman Session: 

Student: $125

Family Member: $50 per family member (limit 2 per student) 

Note: If attending one of the over-night sessions, guests will not be accomodated in the overnight stay on-campus. Please click here to see a list of local hotels and rates. Armstrong will not be responsible for booking of guests' hotel stays.

Transfer/Adult Session:

Student: $55

Family Member: $35 per family member (limit 2 per student) 

The Navigate Armstrong Fee, must be paid at the time the student signs up for Navigate via the web.  Pre-registration is required for all Navigate sessions.

How do I pay the Navigate Fee?

You will be prompted to pay your fee for Navigate Armstrong when you sign up online.  Your registration for Navigate will not be complete until you have paid for your Navigate Armstrong orientation session.

Please note: The Navigate Armstrong fee is non-refundable.

My family wants to attend. Is there a family component to Navigate Armstrong?

There is a family component for the Navigate Freshman Orientation Sessions for freshman students. Due to event size, you are limited to bringing two family members per student. Family members can be registered at the same time the student registers for Navigate. There is a fee that will be assessed for each family member who attends. Navigate is a full day program for his or her parents or guardians and not suitable for children due to the length and subject matter.  Please note that the family Navigate orientation program runs concurrently but separate from the student program. While both groups begin and end the day together, they will not be together throughout the entire day.

Note: If attending one of the over-night freshman sessions, guests will not be accomodated in the overnight stay on-campus. Please click here to see a list of local hotels and rates. Armstrong will not be responsible for booking of guests' hotel stays.

What if I pay for my family members to attend Navigate and they are unable to attend, will I receive a refund?

The Navigate Armstrong fee is non-refundable.

What should I bring to Navigate Armstrong?

Remember to bring:

  • Government issued photo ID.  You will need this to get your Armstrong ID / Pirate Card. Click here for information about the Pirate Card.
  • Comfortable walking shoes, comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather. You will spend time outside and it will likely be hot.
  • Bring a sweater or a jacket - some of the air-conditioned rooms can be chilly.

Are you attending a freshman overnight session? Don't forget to also bring the following:

  • Twin size linens/sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Towel & Toiletries
  • Attire for the Open Rec Night at our Recreation Center!

Where and when do I meet for my Navigate session?

Each Navigate session meets at a different location depending on which session you are attending.  Refer to the Navigate schedule to make sure you check-in at the correct location.  On the day of Navigate, yellow "Navigate Parking" signs will be located throughout campus to direct you to the correct location.

During Navigate Armstrong, will I be able to register for classes?

Yes. The cornerstone of new student orientation is faculty advisement and registration. When you leave for home at the end of the session you will have met with a faculty advisor to discuss your pre-set Fall 2015 class schedule, and been coached through the registration process using S.H.I.P., the online Student Help Information Process.

Throughout the day, you will learn about academic requirements, choosing a major, core curriculum requirements, and how to choose your courses. Based on the information from your admissions application, and on the information you submit during online registration for Navigate Armstrong, our department faculty and trained academic advisors will help you understand your schedule that we think will work best for your first semester. When you leave us at the end of the day, you will have your Fall 2015 class schedule ready to go!


More Questions?

Yes. Please feel free to call our office at 912.344.2504 or send an e-mail to us at The Navigate Armstrong team of faculty, staff, and student orientation leaders at Armstrong look forward to meeting you at Armstrong!

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