Student Development


New Student Meet and Greet

An event in which all new students are invited to meet senior administration, student leaders, various faculty/staff and fellow new students to have an introduction to the institution and services.

Intercultural Dialogue Series

To educate members of our campus community by creating opportunities for open discussion about differences and other relevant issues, we provide instructional materials as tools to spark dialogue regarding topics of race, ethnicity, and culture.  We also follow current trends in Higher Education bringing speakers and presenters that can provide unique perspectives on current and trending topics that directly or indirectly affect our students. Additionally, we provide diversity and social justice programming, training, and workshops, and Safe Space training for faculty, staff, and administrators.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade and Day of Service

To commemorate the accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Armstrong students though OMA participates in the annual MLK Parade in downtown Historic Savannah, and provides service to the Community immediately following.  Students are afforded the opportunity to reflect on the service and ideals of Martin Luther King Jr. during a dinner reception for participants.

Black Male Summit

This conference addresses a broad spectrum of topics such as networking, race relations, self-esteem, and strategies for personal and professional growth.  OMA provides students an opportunity to not only attend the conference, but to recreate what they learned as a benefit to the greater Armstrong Community.

Cultural History and Heritage Month Celebrations

OMA Celebrates various heritage months though unique programs.  Heritage Month celebrations are inclusive of, but not limited to: Latino Heritage (September), Italian Heritage (October), Native American History (November), African-American History (February), Women’s Heritage and Gaelic Heritage (March), and Asian-Pacific History (April).  All committees are open to students interested in programming for these celebrations.  If there is a cultural celebration in which you’re interested in seeing on campus not currently represented, please feel free to contact our office.