Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah Georgia.

New Brand Usage: Q&A

How is the new brand being rolled out?

The move to the new look will be gradual, beginning with branding messages on the homepage of our website and in the recruiting materials for prospective students that are being used this season.

The main branding webpage will provide examples of creative concepts, information on ordering business cards, a style guide, and rules for approval of all external marketing communications and materials. 

How do I get the new brand concept for my department materials?

The Department of Marketing and Communications will help you transition your departmental materials to incorporate the new look and messaging.

Staff, faculty, and academic advisors may request campaign theme art by filling out the marketing project request form.

Then, please submit any items used for external communication to Marketing and Communications for approval. This will help us adhere to the new brand standards, so Armstrong will have a consistent face forward. If you have promotional items, our Marketing and Communications department will also help you determine the best way to use the new campaign theme, type fonts, etc.

Is this a new logo?

Start Strong is a campaign theme, not a new logo. The theme and nameplate are used together as a signoff for ads, posters, and billboards. You will also see Start Strong used in messaging apart from our Armstrong nameplate for graphic emphasis.

Will Armstrong use the compass in marketing materials?

While the compass is a part of our heritage and still firmly embedded in landmarks across campus, the brand campaign will not utilize the compass symbol on our communication materials. We have much brand equity in the name Armstrong, which is where the new campaign will place emphasis.

How do we refer to Armstrong in our written communications and speeches?

In first written reference, it is standard to use the entire name: Armstrong Atlantic State University. After that you can refer to the university as Armstrong. Use of AASU and Armstrong Atlantic is being phased out.

How can I help with the transition?

Everyone at Armstrong can “be the brand.” How?
  • Find a way in your day-to-day interactions to acknowledge our students’ progress and achievements—with praise for starting, continuing, or finishing strong!
  • Relate the qualities that differentiate Armstrong from other colleges. Find these on our Why Armstrong? page.
  • Use one of the Armstrong PowerPoint templates when you make presentations about the university.
  • Share this information with your students, your friends, neighbors, and friends of Armstrong.
  • Consult with the office of Marketing and Communication to transition your departmental materials to the new look and messaging.