Campus Mail

Incoming Mail

Incoming mail is picked up from the Southside Post Office at 9:30am Monday through Friday, and is sorted and delivered once daily to each campus department in their respective buildings.

Outgoing Mail

Mail pickup from each department is processed and carried to the mail drop box, or to the Southside Post Office at 3:30pm Monday through Friday.

Zip Codes

Zip codes must be used on all mailings.

Letter Mail

Letter mail (one - two pages) is not required to be sealed (minimum first class postage). Letters with three or more pages must be sealed by the department.  Contents of the envelope must be properly folded and inserted so that it does not extend out of the envelope. This procedure must be followed to avoid damage to the envelope and the contents.  

Larger Envelopes

All envelopes larger than a letter size must be sealed by the department.

Address Label

The Armstrong logo mailing labels are available in the mailroom.  Please mark clearly on the left hand side of the label the mail service that is needed.

Receiving Packages

When packages are received from the post office, a hand computer Intellitrak system scanner will be used to scan the tracking number on the packages. The mailroom staff will then produce a hard copy receipt for the recipient to sign.

All mailings not properly assembled will be returned to the department for correction(s).