Bulk Mail

Bulk mailing is an option for departments which allows for a discounted rate.  A bulk mailing must include at least 200 pieces, none of which are foreign. All pieces in a bundle must be of the same size and weight and should face in the same direction. An exact count of the pieces on a zip code form must be presented with the bulk mailing. The permit number and bulk mail insignia should be in the upper right corner of each envolope, with the return address in the upper left corner. Detailed instructions on sorting large mailings may be obtained from the mailroom. Please be sure that the deparmental account number is on the bulk mailing paperwork.

Please contact the mailroom for specific guidelines, mailing instructions, supplies and any additional questions in reference to permit mailing.

The mailroom can assist campus departments in having a bulk mailing printed, foled, tabbed, labeled and mailed. All bulk mailings require the bulk permit to be printed on each piece of mail.

If all of the guidelines are met , bulk mail will be delivered to the Post Office within 2 working days of receipt.  NOTE:  Due to the closing of the Savannah Mail Processing Center, and the post office not processing bulk mailings immediately, it is advised that departments to allow a significant amount of lead time for this process to be completed and the mail delivered to the intended recipient.

Preparing a Bulk Mailing

Please note:

  1. Mail with the same five (5) digit zip codes should be placed together (minimum of 10 pieces). (Example: 31405, 31312)
  2. Mail with the same three (3) digit prefixes should be placed together (minimum of 10 pieces). (Example: 300, 299)
  3. Groups of less than 10 pieces with the same codes or prefixes should be placed in numerical order. (Example: 10000, 20001)


New Postal Rates - effective Jan 2013