Web-Registration (Currently Enrolled Students)

Web-Registration is allowed only for students currently attending their last Learning Support courses and who, on an exception basis, will be able to register on their own online, only after an advisement appointment at our Office of Academic Orientation and Advisement. To make an appointment to be advised, please call 912.344.2570.

Learning Support Summer 2014 Web Registration       

Group 1: October 28, 2014-May 18, 2014

Group 2: -November 4, 2013-May 18th, 2014

Group 3: November 11, 2013-May 18th, 2014

Group 4: November 18, 2013-May 18th, 2014

Group 5: November 25, 2013-May 25th, 2014

Regular Registration

Regular Registration is for all Learning Support students. Learning Support students who did not come in during the pre-advisement period or during Navigate Armstrong will still be able to do both advisement and regular registration. Please contact the Office of the Registrar to register for classes 912.344.2576.

Registration for New Learning Support Students

Every new student is encouraged to take advantage of Navigate Orientation! On orientation day the student will have the opportunity to be advised and registered by Learning Support advisors. You can sign up for orientation once you have been accepted. Please follow the above link to find out more about Navigate orientation. New students may also register during regular registration. However, Navigate orientation is the preferred choice as it is exclusively for new students.

Important Learning Support Registration Notes: (New/Returning Students)

Students who are required to enroll in Learning Support courses must be advised and registered by the Learning Support Program for all their courses at Armstrong, including college credit courses. To know which credit courses you may take while in a required Learning Support course, please click on the link for Eligible Credit Courses List for Learning Support Studentsimage

During each semester of enrollment, (including Summer Term), a student must first register for all required LS courses before being allowed to register for other courses.

Learning Support students cannot register, add or drop classes on the web. They must visit the Registrar's office.