St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia, city of the czars...Created by Peter the Great as his "Window on Europe," St. Petersburg is a showcase of Russian heritage that reflects a distinctly European outlook. It is one of the world's architectural treasures combining gold-domed cathedrals and baroque palaces, museums and public buildings with an exciting night life, art, music, literature, entertainment and White Nights. Studying abroad offers students a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a foreign country, earn college credits and bring back a lifetime of memories. The European Council of the University System of Georgia offers students of all ages a unique program in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The program allows students to earn up to eight credit hours during the four weeks of class. Students can choose from classes in most disciplines including art, music, photography, business, management, history, political science, literature, language, mass communications and Russian culture. If you are considering a study abroad experience during the summer, imagine being able to study and live in Russia for an entire month.

Courses Available

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Dates: June 28— June 29, 2014
Cost: $4,950 plus tuition
Contact: Dr. James Anderson
Phone: 344.3128
Office: Gamble Hall 204A

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