Paris, France

Paris, one of the oldest and most fascinating cities in the world, has fired the imagination of artists, writers and students for centuries. Picture yourself spending a summer studying in the "City of Light," the "museum without walls," immersed in history and surrounded by some of the world's finest art, architecture and music. As a participant in the Paris Study Program, you won't have to imagine these things—you can live them.

The "Capital of the World" is your classroom as you study history where it was made, attend theatre and music performances by world-renowned companies and ensembles, write in parks and cafés where Fitzgerald and Hemingway wrote, and learn French immersed in the language. Paris offers all of this and more as part of the study abroad program.

Courses Available

See Website for Course Information.

Application due by March 3, 2014

USG Paris website

Dates: June 30- August 3, 2014
Cost: $4990 plus tuition
Contact: Dr. James Anderson
Phone: 344.3128
Office: Gamble Hall 110

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