Ireland : Mycology

The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to study Mycology (BIOL 3800) in Ireland where the cool, wet environment is ideal for fungal and lichen growth. Ireland is also a location of great significance both presently, as a well-known beer and whiskey manufacturing country, and historically, as the site of the Irish Potato Famine (1840s), a plague caused by a fungal-like organism. In addition, the program will afford students the opportunity to visit with internationally recognized mycologists with specialties outside of the instructors’ expertise, including lichenology and mushroom ecology. A greater understanding of the people, the culture, and the long and rich history of the country will also be fostered in SABR 2960 Foreign Culture & Language (1- 3 credit hours).


Courses Available

SABR 2960 Study Abroad (Area B2)
BIOL 3800 Mycology

Dates: May 11- June 1, 2015
Cost: $3200 plus tuition

Contact: Dr. Sara Gremillion
Phone: 344.2671