Follow Health Professions Around China

Enjoy the stories and adventures of Dean Shelley Conroy, Professor Helen Taggart, and their students, as the explore China, traditional Chinese Medicine and more. Updates will be posted as the group makes their way from Savannah around the globe to China and back.


Shanghai Pudong airport pick-up. Hotel check-in (DL 19K 630P)
This morning, after a full hot Chinese breakfast buffet, where we were joined by Ken Jin, from the Kennesaw State Confucius Institute who wished us well on the beginning of our trip. our group met our tour guide "Steven" and our two escorts from Yanghzhou University, Randy Lee and Syval Tong. We departed for a morning river cruise on the Hangpu River and beautiful views of The Bund and other landmarks, such as the Pearl Tower, the JinMao Tower and the historic European buildings on the water. We were grateful for cool weather in the upper 60s. After the cruise, we took the high speed elevator to the 88th floor observation level of the JinMao Tower for spectacular views of the city and river below. After our first traditional Chinese lunch, we spent our afternoon visiting the YueYang Hospital and TCM clinics, medical wards, and other areas on the grounds. This was the first experience for our group observing Chinese healthcare, acupuncture, moxibustion, and other therapies, and talking with nurses, physicians and administrators.
Tomorrow, (Saturday morning) we will visit the World Expo, which opened in Shanghai this month.


Tour Shanghai
Good morning from Shanghai! It is Sunday morning, May 16th here. Today we will tour the Shanghai Museum, a museum with many historical artifacts that tells a story about China's and Shanghai's history, as well as some beautiful artwork. This afternoon, we will visit an area of town called "China Town" and Yu Gardens, where will will learn about the history, art of medicinal purposes of Chinese tea. We will visit drug stores where the Chinese people buy over the counter medicines and learn about a few therapeutic remedies. We will conclude our day with time to walk the historic areas and shop the local merchants for Chinese merchandise and artwork.
Yesterday, we enjoyed the morning at the Shanghai Museum and then visited the Honghong Tea House to learn about the fine art of Chinese tea preparation and the different kinds of teas that are enjoyed in China. The first two photos are from these visits. The two photos are from the Water Village.
We arrived safely in Yangzhou tonight and are staying at the Metro Park Hotel. It is a beautiful hotel and our rooms are very nice! We enjoyed a very nice local dinner and are getting ready to turn in for the night.


Tour Zhouzhuang
This morning we stopped at the Zhou Zhang Water Village on our way to Yangzhou. Zhou Zhang is nicknamed "Little Venice." It is located on the Taihu Lake and has beautiful canals through the village where the people live and work.
Tomorrow morning, we tour the University and observe and take classes about acupuncture.


Orientation and Lecture
We spent our first day of study at Yangzhou University today. We started our morning meeting students at the university who will spend time with us a hosts and guides this week. We then had several hours of Survival Chinese lessons taught by Professor Rona, who was an excellent teacher! We took a walking tour of campus with our student guides and had lunch on campus. After lunch, we toured a large and modern local hospital and observed Professor Lu practicing acupuncture and moxibustion in a clinic. A news report came and covered our visit to the clinic and took our group's picture with Professor Lu. Afterwords, we returned to campus for a lecture on acupuncture by Dr. Lu. It was a very good learning experience for our group today.


Hospital Visit and Lecture
Hello! We are taking a short rest break back in our hotel rooms right now. This morning we visited the People's First Hospital of Shanghai, which is in a new building that was built last year. It is very modern and much like you would see in the United States. They took us to tour the pediatrics ward and the VIP ward. The VIP ward consisted of private suites with a bedroom, luxurious bathroom, living room, kitchen and separate dining and conference room area. Our guide told us that they are outrageously expensive: $190 USD a night!
Next we went to the medical campus of Yangzhou University and toured the nursing education building, where our students were able to meet and converse with Yangzhou University nursing students.
This afternoon we will have a lecture on medicinal foods.

This afternoon, we visited the Yangzhou Culinary Institute on their newest campus for a lecture and cooking demonstration of the medicinal uses of food in TCM. We had duck, chicken and shrimp dishes prepared with special herbs and berries, and afterward we were able to sample the food.
This evening, Dr. Taggart and I were invited guests of Dean Lily Young to join Ken Jin and the Kennesaw State delegation for a special Yangzhou dinner. (Our students were hosted at a local restaurant by our guide Randy Lee.) We presented Lily and Ken with gifts from AASU and offered our thanks for the wonderful trip and hospitality shown to us.
We discovered a unique custom here at Yangzhou University. When the students are finished with their final exams, they set off loud firecrackers at night to celebrate. This has gone on each night we have been here!


Lecture, Class, and a Cruise
Last night we took a boat ride on the Asian Canal - an ancient moat to protect the city. It was decorated with beautiful lights and had a walkway. The people were out exercising, walking their dogs, and enjoying the balmy evening. We saw a group exercise class of middle aged adults at our boat landing and park area that seemed like a combination of Tai Chi and jazzercise to music.
This morning we spent our morning in a seminar and panel discussion with four doctors from the University who practice combined Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our group was able to dialogue, ask questions and gain a further understanding of the philosophies and practices in clinics and hospitals. This afternoon we will tour the Slender West Lake area with our student guides and have a dinner with them afterward.


Tour Beijing
We departed a rainy Yangzhou on Saturday afternoon after taking a boat ride on the Slender West Lake or shopping in a local shopping mall with a dinosaur exhibit with some of our local students. By the time we arrived at our hotel in Beijing, it was dark and we were ready to turn in. Our hotel is the Gehua New Century Hotel Beijing, and it is beautiful! They say it was built in 2008 to house the International Olympic Committee. (Had to add a few photos for you to see.)
Monday morning, we were out early to get in a full day of visits to historic places in Beijing. Today was Michelle's birthday, and we helped her celebrate her birthday in Beijing in a few small ways.

Wow, it was horribly hot and sunny today- some of us got surnburned a bit. Quite a few ended up buying a parasol or hat from street vendors to shield us from the sun. This morning began in Tianenman Square and after exploring a bit, we walked over to the Forbidden City. By the time we left for lunch, we were all hot and sweaty but really enjoyed the history and impressiveness of each place. After a fantastic lunch, we shopped a few minutes in some local shops near the restaurant. This area appears to be a new development that was put in with nice little and big shops and restaurants for the Olympics. After that, we toured the Temple of Heaven. Then, we were able to shop at the Hongqaiou Pearl Market, which is not so much a pearl market but a building with stalls set up by people selling specialty items and gifts from China to tourists. Some of the group went on to a Kung Fu show. After dinner in a touristy kind of place, we came back to our rooms exhausted.
I am now writing this on Monday morning, May 24th. We are up early to travel to visit the Great Wall this morning and then come back to visit the Olympic Stadium areas this afternoon.

Up and out early again on Monday in Beijing.
Got some beautiful photos from our trip to the Great Wall on Monday. The weather was absolutely perfect and clear today - temperatures were just pleasant at the Great Wall, wonderful contrast to the heat on Sunday. After lunch and a lecture at the government-run Jade Factory, we went to visit the Olympic Stadium/Bird's Nest and walk around to see the various venues. The guide also pointed out some nearby buildings that were built in the shape of a dragon and his tail for the symbolization and to stand for China in the Olympics. After, visiting the famous Silk Market, we had a traditional Peking Duck dinner, where we observed the duck being prepared at the table and were given lessons about how to properly prepare a pancake with the ingredients. Everyone agreed we enjoyed the meal. Exhausted and tired, we headed back to the hotel to rest up for Tuesday.


Well, it is now 7:30 pm on Tuesday, May 25th in Beijing. We have just finished our last full day in China. Tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. we leave our hotel for the airport to fly home. Everyone agrees it was a wonderful trip and great learning experience!
Today, we spent the morning in lecture and demonstrations at the Guang an men Hospital. We were greeted by Dr. Nan Jihong, whose job is to host international foreigners and study abroad professionals and students who visit them to learn more about Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine. This teaching and research hospital practices a mixture of TCM and some Western diagnostic practices. Dr. Nan gave a wonderful lecture about the principles of TCM and how it is practiced today in their hospital. We then toured the manipulation/massage and acupuncture clinics, and the herbal pharmacy.
All agreed this was a very beneficial and informative visit today.
For lunch, we visited a local restaurant to learn about and taste a Chinese dumpling meal. We were served 10 different kinds of dumplings.
Today was very warm again in Beijing. We spent our afternoon visiting the Summer Palace and were grateful for a walk in the shade and a pleasant boatride on the lake.
After an early dinner, we returned to the hotel to pack up and get an early bedtime since we will be getting up at 4:30 a.m. in order to depart for the airport and our return home.