Chile Course Descriptions
Chile Courses

Chile 2012 Courses and Descriptions

All courses contain 3 hours of semester credits with the exception of the "Introduction to Chilean Language and Culture".   Courses marked with "*" will be taught in Spanish. Normal prerequisites will apply.

SABR 2960 - Introduction to Chilean Language/Culture (LD)
1 hour credit required course.   A brief introduction to Chile with special lectures and presentations in Chilean history,

ANTH 1150 - Global Perspectives in Anthropology (LD)
Peoples of the world from a cultural anthropological perspective with an emphasis on contemporary issues and problems in Latin America.

SPAN 2001 - Intermediate Spanish I (LD)*
Emphasis on Hispanic culture using literary and non-literary texts with continued development of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

SPAN 2002 - Intermediate Spanish II (LD) *
Continuation of Intermediate Spanish I.  Promotion of further awareness of Hispanic culture using literary and nonliterary texts with continued development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

ENGL 2100 - World Literature (LD)
This course provides a survey of major works of world literature.  In this case, we will focus on comparing representative texts of South America with their North American, African, Asian and European counterparts.  Genres examined will include myth, poetry, short stories, and rap narratives.  

ANTH 3950 - Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Anthropology) (UD)
Research assigned using methods appropriate to the discipline of anthropology.
HIST 3100 - History of Latin America (UD)
A survey of Latin American history and culture since 1850.  Examines the causes and consequences of structural instability in Latin American today.

SPAN 3031 - Spanish Conversation/Composition (UD)*
Conversational Spanish to focus on the acquisition of situational vocabulary and putting it and other language skills into practice through role-playing and real-life encounters in La Serena and other settings.

SPAN 4030 - Latin American and Chilean Cultural Identity (UD)*
The trait of its mestizo ethnic composition has not been easily accepted by the peoples of the different Latin American societies and is a permanent problem in the assessment of their national identities, which can be perceived in their political systems, artistic manifestations and even, in their daily life. This course of lectures aims at analyzing the historical roots of this situation and examining its contemporary manifestations as well as the ways in which globalization is affecting its everyday life... Although the scope is Latin America, the course will naturally pay special attention to the Chilean reality.

ENGL 5000 - Race and Gender in Latin America Literature (UD)
This upper division course will provide a survey of the major periods of Latin American literature, paying particular attention to Chile’s artistic tradition.   A major objective will be connecting the concerns and developments of specific literary movements to broad historical developments.  In particular we will be concerned with understanding the interplay of race and culture groups, the roles of women in society and examining Latin America’s region’s comparatively


Faculty for the 2012 Chile Program
Dr. James Anderson, Office of International Education, Armstrong State University (program director)

Dr. Victoria L. McCard, Professor of Spanish, Professor of Spanish, North Georgia College and State University
Professor Barbara Bruno, Instructor of Anthropology, Armstrong State University
Dr. Beauty Bragg, Associate Professor of Georgia College and State University

Dr. Kevin Fagan, Associate Professor, Spanish, California Polytechnic University.
Professor Julio Parada, Department English, University of La Serena (local campus program coordinator)


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