Armstrong Atlantic University Georgia



Membership will be consistent with the CFR, Title 45, Part 46, Section 46.107.    Members will be appointed for terms of three years by the Vice President of Academic Affairs in consultation with the deans of colleges.  Attention must be paid to the diversity of the membership, including race, gender, and cultural backgrounds.  Membership will consist of a minimum of nine individuals, including one faculty representative from each College.   One IRB member will not be otherwise affiliated with Armstrong with an alternate identified to take this member’s place if necessary.  There will be two members from areas not normally associated with research involving human subjects.  At least two members will be primarily involved in the scientific arena.  At least one assistant dean and one department head will be selected to serve.  Members must be sufficiently qualified through experience and expertise to serve.  Armstrong faculty who serve on the IRB must be full-time, tenured or  tenure track.  No more than 25% of the faculty membership will be non-tenured, tenure track faculty.  Each member, including the chair, will provide documentation of approved training in the protection of human research subjects as a condition of service.


IRB Membership 2013-2014

  • John Kraft (AVP for Academic Affairs)
  • Donna Brooks (CHP; Assistant Dean; Nursing; 1st yr)
  • Elizabeth Desnoyers-Colas (CLA, Art, Music, & Theatre faculty; 2nd yr)
  • Jane Blackwell (CHP; Nursing faculty; 2nd yr)
  • Sara Plaspohl (CHP;  Health Science faculty; 3rd yr)
  • John Hobe (COE; Childhood & Exceptional Student Education, dept. head; 2nd yr)
  • Greg Wimer (COE, Adolescent and Adult Education faculty; 3rd yr )
  • Kwaku Nti (CLA; non-human subject researcher, History, 1st yr)
  • Steve Tisinger (non-Armstrong member; non-human subject researcher; 1st yr)