Sample Instructions to be Emailed to Faculty

Beginning in Summer 2009, all courses will be evaluated online through the eFACE interface in Port of Armstrong. Please do not give out FACE scan sheets to the students in your courses. Course evaluation data submitted on scan sheets will be discarded as invalid. Students must sign in to Port of Armstrong and click on the "Course Evaluations" link to evaluate their course(s).

Students will have access to eFACE according to the schedule on the FACE dates calendar published on the Institutional Research website at Stude.nts will be presented with evaluations only for the courses in which they are enrolled, as indicated by their registration records in Banner. Please let your students know how to access the evaluations. If your students are not able to access the link or receive an error message when they try to access the link, please have them contact the Helpdesk by email at or by phone at 344-2518. When contacting the Helpdesk, students will need to be prepared to provide their Port of Armstrong username and Armstrong student ID number.

Once in Port of Armstrong, the student will select "Course Tools" located at the top of the screen. This will bring the student to a page where “EFACE for Student Evaluations” can be selected under the Course Evaluations header. Once the student has access to the "Course Evaluations" page, they will select a radio button to answer each question electronically. Evaluation answers will be stored anonymously. The comments are maintained separately, and the student has the option of allowing the instructor's supervisor to review the comments by selecting the check box at the end of the form. The student will see "Check the box if you would like your comments to go to your instructor's supervisor."

If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk by email at or by phone at 344-2518.


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