Attendance Policy

All employees are advised of their work hours when they accept employment at the university. For the university to maintain a smooth and consistent operation, employees must be conscientious in all areas of their work. For this reason, each employee must report to work at the designated time and remain on duty in accordance with the schedule.

Employees or their representatives must notify their supervisor when, in the event of an emergency, they are unable to report to work. Prompt notification is essential.

Excessive absenteeism or tardiness or failure to report the reason for absenteeism affects promotions and can result in termination of employment.

All full-time employees of Armstrong State University are required to report to work at 8:15 a.m. and work until 5 p.m., with 45 minutes designated for lunch; with the exception of University Police Officers, Computer & Information Technicians, and Facility Services employees, who may be required to work shifts, nights, or weekends.