Housing & Residence Life

Summer Programs Housing

Summer 2014 Challenge Program and Summer 2014 STEP residents will be housed in Windward Commons.

Break housing (the break between spring and summer semesters) is available to current residents only. To continue to reside on campus after spring housing closes on May 14, you must indicate your break housing intensions by completing a Housing Break Request form by April 1, 2014 and returning your completed request to the Main Housing Office.

How to Apply

  • Log into your PORT of Armstrong account.
  • Go to the Register tab.
  • At the bottom of that screen there is a selection for the housing application. You can complete the housing application, make your community and meal plan selections, and sign the Housing contract all from that site!
  • Summer 2014 Challenge Program residents have a separate housing application. 
  • Summer 2014 STEP residents need to apply for Summer 2014 only. 


Summer 2014 Challenge residents may move-in on Friday, June 20, 2014 starting at  9 a.m. at the Windward Commons front desk. Summer 2014 STEP residents may move-in on either Friday, May 19, 2014 or Friday, June 13, 2014 starting at  9 a.m. at the Windward Commons front desk. Your move-in date will depend on your participation with the program. Specific details regarding your move-in times will be included on your move-in boarding pass. 

All residents must have their move-in boarding pass to receive keys from the Housing and Residence Life staff. Your boarding pass will be emailed to your pirate mail when your Armstrong balance has been satisfied.

Please review our Moving In website for more details on your move-in process.


Windward Commons

  • Semi-Private Suite- $838- Challenge
  • Private Suite- $876- Challenge
  • Single Suite- $906- Challenge
  • $1080- 10 week STEP
  • $540- 6 week STEP

Summer assignments do not guarantee fall assignments or room types. Fall assignments will be made by application completion dates, not by residents' summer involvment. 

Review the floor plans for Windward Commons so you can design your summer home away from home to personalize your unique style. 

Summer Meal Plan

  • Challenge-19 meals a week: $681.00 per semester
  • STEP- 5 meals a week: $520.00 per semester

Living on campus your first semester is an adventure unlike any other. Learn kitchen safety, how to balance class, friends, tutoring, and events, and more about your own personal goals as a student by moving into your home away from home this summer. Apply for Summer Housing today!  


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