Housing & Residence Life

Learning Outcomes and Assessments


The Office of Housing and Residence Life creates a safe living environment which promotes holistic learning and personal growth. Through our programs and services, we challenge students to be engaged, community­minded and
academically successful.


The Office of Housing and Residence Life embraces these core values:
● Providing residents with the support and resources to promote successful transitions throughout their collegiate experience.
● We strive to ensure that students are connected to the community by providing engaging opportunities for involvement with Armstrong and the greater Savannah area.
● We encourage students to understand, appreciate, and promote tolerance of diverging views, opinions and differing backgrounds through intentional programs and educational conversations.
● We collaborate strategically and closely with University Police Department and Facilities Services to ensure that students residences are safe, secure and well maintained.

Learning Outcomes 2014­-2015

1. Living-Learning Community participants will show a higher retention rate to housing than their non-­Living-Learning Community counterparts.
2. More than 50% of housing students will renew to housing utilizing the self­-selection feature of the housing application.
3. 90% of housing survey respondents will report that their RA engaged them and made them aware of campus programs and resources.
4. Housing will celebrate the academic success of our residential population through the institution of a NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary) chapter as well as through other recognition activities.
5. Housing will build the RSA (Resident Student Association). 90% of survey respondents will report that their RA made them aware of the opportunity to join the RSA.
6. 88% of residential survey respondents will agree that participation in residential programs has provided them with information that will help them be better students and better connected to campus resources.
7. Housing will complete a standard operating procedures manual.
8. Housing will reduce cancellations after the deadline by 10% for fiscal year 2014­-2015 by educating students about the housing application process and appropriate retention programming.

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