Housing & Residence Life

Getting Started F.A.Q.


What do I need to do to remove my Housing Hold?

All students with fewer that 30 credit hours have a first-year student live-on requirement hold on their student account after admission into Armstrong. You must complete your application, including the non-refundable application fee, or complete an xxemption form and have your xxemption form approved in order to remove this Housing Hold.  

What is the deadline to apply for on-campus housing? 

Armstrong does not have an official deadline for on-campus housing. The sooner you apply, the better chance that Housing and Residence Life can accommodate your preferences, the sooner your Housing Hold will be removed and the earlier you can register for classes.

What does priority deadline mean?

On May 1, Housing and Residence Life will make all of our assignments for the fall term. All completed (with fee paid) first-year student applicants will have their room and roommate preference honored at that time.

What do I need to do if I cannot get into the online application? 

Students must be admitted to Armstrong 24 hours prior to applying for housing. If you have been admitted longer than 24 hours, please email us at housing@armstrong.edu, including your request for a paper application and the error message that you are receiving from your Port account. If you are not allowed into Port of Armstrong, please contact Information Technology Services' helpdesk at 912.344.2518.

How can I tell if my application is complete?

Once your application has been filled out and your non-refundable application fee received, Housing and Residence Life manually input your complete date into our system. Once the complete date has been inputted, you can view your completion by logging back into the online application, through your student Port of Armstrong account. Go back into the application that you wish to see the status of and click on the Application Status tab (top left corner).

How will I be assigned a roommate?

The Office of Housing and Residence Life assigns roommates based on the room/ roommate preferences. If you have no roommate preference or your roommate preference decides not to live on campus, has not paid their application fee, or requested a different room type or living-learning community than you, Housing and Residence Life will assign someone else who requested the type of room you are assigned to. Housing and Residence Life does our best to match students with similar student profile questions based on the roommate matching questionnaire you completed on your housing application. This information is only reviewed for students assigned into Windward Commons. 

How do I know which apartment/community to which I have been assigned?

When your application is received,  processed, and completed, Housing and Residence Life will reserve a room based on your community, room type and roommate preferences (indicated on your application) and remaining availability. Rooms will be reserved in the order received for complete applications, after the Housing and Residence Life's renewal process.

In general, first year students will be placed in Windward Commons; other undergraduates and graduate students will be placed in apartment communities: Compass Point, University Crossings, and University Terrace. 

You will be assigned to a specific room and community based on your preferences, if able. Once you have been assigned to a unit, your room/ roommate information will be provided on the Application Status tab (indicated on your application).

If I did not get the room type that I wanted, what do I need to do?

Please complete a Room Change Request Form. Please note that Housing and Residence Life has a waiting list option for all room types. You may be able to still be reserved into your number one room preference based on this waiting list option; depending on cancellations and room transfers. You will be contacted via student email if we can accommodate any change.

How do I select roommates?

Log into your application through your student Port of Armstrong account. Once you have logged in, go to the Roommate Search tab. You may search for any person that has a application for the same term as the one that you are applying for. If your roommate request does not have an application for that term on file, than they will not appear in the search menu. All roommate requests must be mutual to be considered.

Can I live with someone who is not an Armstrong student?

No, on-campus housing is available only to Armstrong students.

Can I live with a family member?

Only if the family member is an Armstrong student AND both you and the family member list one another as a preferred roommate in the roommate selection of the application.  Please keep in mind that you can only live with family members who are the same gender.

Can I live with a person of a different gender?

No, on-campus housing at Armstrong is designed for roommates of the same gender only.

Will I get placed with my preferred roommate?

Housing and Residence Life will do our best to accommodate all preferred roommate requests. All roommate requests must be mutual to be considered.

How do I know who my assigned roommates are?

Log into your application on your student Port of Armstrong account. Proceed to the Application Status tab. This tab will provide you with your assigned room, type, location, and roommate information. 

What if I need special accommodations in housing as a result of a disability?

Contact Kelly Woodruff, Director of Disability Services at 912.344.2744 or email kelly.woodruff@armstrong.edu, as soon as possible because accommodations take time to be approved and arranged. Documentation from a licensed medical practitioner will be required.

May I apply for on-campus housing before being formally accepted to Armstrong?

No. Applications will be processed only for students who are formally accepted to the Armstrong.

If I decide I do not want to attend Armstrong, how do I cancel my application?

Complete the Cancellation and Intent to Vacate Form  and submit it to Housing and Residence Life as soon as you make your decision.