Housing & Residence Life

Frequently Asked Questions 

Need assistance navigating housing information? Don't get discouraged. We have the answers that you are looking for. Below are some frequently asked questions from students just like you. 

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Getting Started

Q: What does priority deadline mean?
A: On May 1, Housing and Residence Life will make all of our assignments for the Fall term. All completed (with fee paid) applicants will have their room and roommate preference honored at that time.

Q: Can I pay my application fee online?
A: Housing will be accepting online payments on the application status page of the Housing application. This is a onetime fee that must be paid in order for a new student to receive a Housing assignment. Once the application has been filled out, students may pay online through TouchNet (how you normally pay for your tuition and fees online).

Q: How do I select a roommate after I have completed the application?
A: You may go back to the application and return to the roommate search page. This will allow you to search for anyone who has an application on file with Housing. Your requested roommate must have an application on file prior to your request.

Q: What is the roommate matching process?
A:  We assign roommates based on the room/ roommate preferences. If you have no roommate preference or your roommate preference decides not to live on campus, Housing will assign someone else who requested that type of room.

Q: Can I live with someone who is not an Armstrong student?
A: No, on-campus housing is available only to Armstrong students.

Q: What if I need special accommodations in housing as a result of a disability?
A: Contact Kelly Woodruff, Director of Disability Services at 912.344.2744 or email kelly.woodruff@armstrong.edu, as soon as possible because accommodations take time to be approved and arranged. Documentation from a licensed medical practitioner will be required.

Q: May I apply for on-campus housing before being formally accepted to Armstrong?
A: No. Applications will be processed only for students who are formally accepted to the Armstrong.

Q: What is a Living-Learning Community?
A: In a Living-Learning Community, students with similar interests and goals have the opportunity to live together and study together in Windward Commons. Students will apply for a Living-Learning Community on their housing application. Armstrong offers the following living-learning communities:
• College of Education
• College of Health Professions
• College of Liberal Arts
• College of Science and Technology
• Honors Program
• Learning to Lead
• Exploration U.
• Health and Wellness

Q: What do I do if I cannot get into the Housing application?
A: You can e-mail housing@armstrong.edu and request a hard copy application.
Make sure that the student has been accepted into the University 24 hours prior to completing the application.

Q: How do I know if my application is complete?
A: You log into your student PORT account, proceed to the Housing and Residence Life application tab, go to your application and check the application status page. If there is a completion dates than the student is complete and Armstrong has received their check/money order.


Q: When will I get my room assignment?
A: New freshmen entering for Fall term will be assigned to a space the first week in May.  Assignments to particular types of rooms will be made based on the “application complete date”.  This is the date that their housing application was complete AND their $250 non-refundable app. fee was received.

Q: Who is my roommate?
A: Unfortunately we cannot provide this information over the phone, but you can access this information through your student ship account and the housing application that you submitted there. Just go back to PORT and log into your existing housing application to find the answers to your question once it is available on the Application Status Page.

Q: How do I get my roommate’s contact information?
A: This is not something we currently provide through any means other than a student calling and receiving the information directly from the main housing office. Main Housing will only provide information that the roommates have approved for release. To approve your information for release please update your Housing application.

Q: Where was I assigned?
A: Unfortunately we cannot provide this information over the phone, but you can access this information on your completed housing application which is located on your PORT account. Just go back to PORT and log into your existing housing application to find the answers to your question once it is available on the Application Status Page.

Q: What type of room do I have?
A: (Whoever is answering the question can look this information up in StarRez; keep in mind that we do not give specific information over the phone). We can e-mail them information but for legal reasons we are not allowed to give specific information such as roommate contact or room names over the phone for legal reasons.

Q: How do I change rooms?
A: You can fill out a room change request form that you can get in the main housing office or find online if you type in Room Change Request form in the upper right hand search box at armstrong.edu. Once we receive your room change request form we will process it as soon as possible and be in touch with you via your Pirate's e-mail account with more information. Keep in mind that room change requests are requests; it is not guaranteed that we will make the change.

Q: If I didn’t get the roommate I wanted, what do I need to do?
A: You can fill out a Room Change Request. Keep in mind that room change requests are requests; it is not guaranteed that we will make the change.


Q: Can I get a room assignment at Navigate?
A: No. Housing will be assigning all prior applicants on or before July 1. If you apply after that than we cannot guarantee that you can provide you with your preferences but we can provide you with a space.

Q: How do I sign up for Navigate?
A: You may sign up for Navigate online through the website.

Q: What do I need to do to remove my Housing Hold?
A: We have a first-year student live on campus requirement so you will have a hold on your account until we receive either an exemption form or your application fee to live on campus. Once your exemption form has been processed and your application has been completed, your hold will be removed from your account. Often times people will have other holds on their account that is not housing related, so make sure to review your PORT account for more information about the holds on your account.

Q: What is an Exemption Form and do I qualify for an exemption?
A: An Exemption Form is a form found on the Housing website that exempts students from the freshmen live on campus requirement. You qualify for an exemption if you are 21 years old, live in the surrounding counties (Chatham, Liberty, Bryan, or Effingham), you are married prior to move-in, have a dependant child, or take care of a parent or grandparent.

Moving In

Q: When can I check-in?
A: First-year students: Thursday, August 14
   Apartment residents: Friday, August 15

Q: Can I check-in early?
A: No. It is against University policy to allow any early check-ins. We cannot guarantee that rooms will be ready prior to move-in.

Q: What do I do if I want to check-in after hours/ weekend?
A: All first year students must come on August 14. The mandatory First Year Welcome Weekend starts the evening of August 14th. More information will be sent out to each student.

Q: Are we going to be open that weekend?
A: Yes! We will start move-in on Thursday, August 14.

Q: What do I have to bring to check-in?
A: Yourself! We will have information from the Financial Aid office and all of your Housing information on file already. Your tag number and photo ID will be required for your parking decal. See the police for more information. 

Q: What does having a zero balance mean?
A: This means that all charges on the student’s account have been paid for. A student could have Financial Aid still pending. The student would be responsible for paying the difference of that amount prior to receiving keys.

Q: How do I know if my Financial Aid will cover my balance?
A: You can review your outstanding balance and financial aid reward amount on your SHIP account.

Q: Where do we go on move in day?
A: Student Union ballroom *subject to change

Q: How do I get a parking decal?
A: We will have the Police set up in the Student Union at check-in. If you could after hours or on the weekend, please report to the Police station prior to checking-in so that they can supply you with a decal.

Q: How much does a parking decal cost?
A: Parking is included in your housing fees if you are an on campus resident. You will receive your parking decal on move in day. If you are a commuter student you are obligated to pay $50 to get a parking decal from the police department.

Q: Can I bring my own furniture?
A: Yes as long as you do not remove any of the assigned Housing furniture. You may, however, disassemble the bed and store it in your room if you wish to bring your own bed from home.

Q: How do I know if I am sharing a bedroom with someone?
A: Housing will notify all students that are sharing a bedroom with another student prior to move-in.

Q: Which bathroom is mine?
A: In Compass Point 4 bedroom, A and B bedrooms share a bathroom and C and D share. All other communities have a self explained bathroom system. You either share with one other person or you have your own bathroom.

Q: What is my mailing address?
A: Your Name
   Housing Assignment (WC, CP, UT, or UC and APT #)
   11935 Abercorn Street
   Savannah, GA 31419

Q: Can I mail packages to myself prior to move-in?
A: Yes. Armstrong’s mail room will have a roster prior to move-in. If they have questions please direct them to the Mail Room x42820.

Q: Will people be there to help me move-in?
A: Yes! We have a wonderful group of people that volunteer their time to help new students move-in to Housing every fall.

Q: Will I be notified if my preferred room becomes available?
A: Starting this year, Housing will be creating waiting lists for room types. If a room opens up that you were unable to get into due to availability, you will be contacted via email if Housing can offer you your first preference.

Q: What is the size of my shower curtain?
A: Windward Commons: Extra long
Everywhere else: Regular

Q: Are shower curtain rings provided?
A: No.  You must supply your own shower rings.

Q: Where are the multi carts to help with move-in?
A: Windward lobby, Compass Point Clubhouse, and the Crossings Office

Q: When does my meal plan start?
A: Fall meal plans begin on move-in date.

Q: Do I need Renter's Insurance?
A: The Office of Housing and Residence Life very strongly advises that each resident carry individual renter's insurance for his or her personal property in the event of fire, flood, theft, hurricane, tornado, overflowing tubs, broken pipes, water main breaks, etc.
You must understand that Armstrong, the Office of Housing and Residence Life, or Educational Properties, Inc. DOES NOT and CANNOT protect any personal belongings against burglary, vandalism, fire, smoke, and other perils.

You must also understand that by not having personal liability insurance, you may be liable to third parties and to Armstrong, the Office of Housing and Residence Life, or Educational Properties, Inc. for certain perils which are covered by renter's insurance.

You may be covered by your parents' homeowner's insurance. Check with your parents' homeowner's insurance company to see what is covered and additional information necessary for coverage.

Q: Can I see my room or place items in it before I arrive on opening day?
A: The Office of Housing and Residence Life cannot allow you to view your specific room or place items prior to the designated move-in days.  However, we will make every effort to have a model room available for touring during Navigate Orientation, Pirate Preview Open House, and regularly scheduled campus tours. The only model room that Housing has available during campus tours is a Windward Commons private unit.

I’m here… Now what?

Q: How do I change my meal plan?
A: Freshman (29- credit hours earned prior to the start of term students) have a minimum requirement of a 14-board plan regardless of whether or not you live in Windward Commons, and all other students have the flexibility to choose any meal plan. You will have a one week grace period to change your meal plan from your original request on your application once school starts. You can e-mail
housing@armstrong.edu with your 907 student ID number and your requested meal plan within this grace period in order to get your meal plan changed. (After that one week, meal plans cannot be changed at all.)

Q: How do I forward my mail after I move-out?
A: Email
mail@armstrong.edu with your name and new address and the Mail Room will keep it on record.

Q: Where is the lost and found?
A: Housing doesn’t have lost and found, but the University Police does. UPD does not accept clothing at their lost and found.

Q: How do I get my Pirate Card activated?
A: Housing will activate all checked-in students nightly. Your meal plan and room assignment will update at midnight. Sorry for the delay. If you need your card activated sooner please see ID Card Services in the Student Union.

Q: How do I use my flex funds?
Flex funds may be used in any food vendor on campus, including the vending machines.
Q: Where can I use my meal plans?
The Galley and a takeaway option at the Patio Cafe’

Q: Do I need to apply for next year or will my living on campus for the summer renew itself?
A: Apply online for any and all terms you wish to live on campus. You do not need to repay the application fee.

Q: Who do I need to speak with if I want to volunteer for move-in?
A: email housing at

Q: What is the RA on duty?
A: A RA is resident assistant on call to assist residents outside of M-F 9am-5pm business hours (5pm-9am weekdays; 24 hrs on weekends).


Q: How do I cancel my assignment?
A: If you don’t plan on following through with moving on campus with us, or you plan on moving off campus after you’ve already moved in, we will need a cancellation request form in order to drop you from housing. You can get the cancellation request form in the Main Housing office or online by typing Cancellation Request Form in the upper right hand corner search box on the  armstrong.edu website. For students who have not yet moved in, this cancellation request form will automatically drop you from all financial responsibilities. For students moving off campus, this form will automatically drop you from your meal plan and be charged a $500 cancellation fee for their housing financial responsibilities. In order to get the fee dropped you have to provide a written statement about why you are cancelling your housing and provide and supporting documentation. Based on your personal circumstances you will get approved or denied on getting the rest of the charges waived. You can follow up on the approval status by e-mail the Housing Director.

Q: Will I have to pay for my assignment if I cancel?
A: No, if you cancel prior to move-in. After you receive keys, you are responsible for 50% of the remaining Housing costs.