Honors Program
Armstrong State University
Jonathan Roberts, Ph.D.
Solms Hall 101A
11935 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31419
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The Armstrong Honors Program is dedicated to inspiring students to connect their education to their life experiences.

These connections are forged through hands-on learning, interdisciplinary courses, service learning, and community-based activities.

Learning encourages students at Armstrong to distinguish themselves as leaders in all areas, both on campus, and in the community.

The Honors Program embodies the traditional values of a liberal arts education at its best, fosters a commitment to lifelong learning, and serves as a campus testing ground for innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

So, are you interested in joining Armstrong's Honors Program? Maybe you want a little more information before you decide...

Incoming Freshmen Admission

Entering freshmen may apply to the Honors Program if they score 1100 on the SAT or a 24 on the ACT and graduate with a strong high school record. Students scoring 3 or better on each of three Advanced Placement examinations of the College Board are also encouraged to apply. Entering freshmen must take a minimum of one honors course per semester until they reach four. Honors courses will only be counted toward the 4 total with a B or better final grade.

Continuing and Transfer Students Admission

Continuing and Transfer students may apply to enter the Honors Program if they have at least a 3.2 overall GPA at the university level and are either enrolled in or have completed an honors course.

Transfer students may graduate with the designation "Graduate of the Armstrong Honors Program" if they meet the following requirements: finish with a final GPA of 3.20 or above, complete a satisfactory Honors in the Major Project, and earn grades of B or better in the designated number of courses from the Honors in the Core curriculum. Students transferring with 60+ credit hours will be required to take only one such Honors in the Core course; students entering with 30-59 hours will need two; students with 15-29 will need three; and students with fewer than 15 will need four (like all other Honors Program students).

If you are looking for more from your Armstrong experience, please print, fill out and mail in the Honors Program Application pdf; or, if you just want some more info, please contact Dr. Jonathan Roberts, director. If you're on campus and wish to stop by, he is located in Solms Hall, room 101.

Honors Program Application pdf

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