Katie Babineau

Office: President
Major: Biology, Minor Chemistry
Hometown: Rincon, GA
Future PlansHelp poor farmers in third world countries develop more efficient and environmentally friendly farming methods, in hopes to combat world hunger.
What I like most about the Honors ProgramThe amazing professors, the Honors lounge, and the field trips!

Catie Cofield

Office: Vice-President
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Valdosta, Georgia
Future Plans: To become a bilingual Nurse Anesthetist or a bilingual Military Nurse
What I like most about the Honors Program:  I enjoy many aspects of the Honors program. I appreciate the fact we have early registration. I love how our hand picked professors are so willing to encourage us and help us expand our education because it is one thing no one can ever take from us. Most importantly, I enjoy being surrounded by like minded people who want to enjoy college and also strive to be the best they can by challenging themselves along the way.

Taylor Alvarez

Office: Community Service
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Messa, AZ
Future Plans: Work for the government as a diplomat or something similar at the international level.
What I like most about the Honors Program: 
The smaller class sizes as they allow for more significant relations with professors and other students.

Darby Wiggins 

Office: Communications 
Major: Rehabilitation Sciences 
Hometown: Columbus, Georgia
Future Plans: To become an Occupational Therapist
What I like most about the Honors Program: The Honors social events, because I get to meet a lot of fun and interesting students.

Cody Goss

Office: Social Events Coordinator
Major: Radiological Sciences
Hometown: Cleveland, GA
Future Plans: To attend graduate school and become a Physician's Assistant
What I like most about the Honors Program: Definitely the Honors courses because the camaraderie is much better among my peers and even professors.