Grant Closeout Procedures

A Grant Closeout Notice letter will be sent to all grantees or sub-grantees 60 days before the end of the grant performance period to discuss:
  • Outstanding expenses and timeline for allocation to the grant
  • Reassignment or termination of personnel (faculty, staff, students)
  • Cancelation of purchase cards if applicable
  • Termination of subcontracts if applicable

If it is determined that a no-cost extension is needed, the Principal Investigator must work with the Office of Sponsored Programs to coordinate and submit appropriate paperwork to grantor.

Final Narrative and Financial Progress Reports are due within 30 days after the end of the grant performance period to meet the terms ad conditions of the awarding agency. Non-compliance with this 30 day lead time will potentially hinder the institution’s efforts to meet the awarding agency’s reporting requirement deadline and therefore processing of any remaining reimbursements will not be finalized by the institution until all reporting obligations have been met.

Final Progress Report:

Submission of the Grant Closeout Notice letter to OSP

  • Attests that all documentation of the final report have been met and that program has been carried out within the legal framework of the terms and conditions of the award.

Coordinate with Grants Administrator preparation and submission of the Final Financial Progress or Technical Report to agency

  • Preparation of technical report
  • Preparation of final invoice

Note: the University cannot finalize its financial obligations with the Principal Investigator and the Granting Agency until all reports are in. Typically final disbursement of remaining funds will be held until the reports are submitted. Thus it is imperative that final reports be prepared within guidelines.