Graduate Studies

Stipend, Tuition and Fees

The University has established a minimum GA stipend of $2500/semester for fall and spring ($5000 for the academic year), and $2000/semester for summer. Some positions may pay above the minimum, and stipend amounts can vary from department to department. Assistantships include remitted (waived) tuition but students are required to pay all mandatory university fees, (plus a matriculation fee of $25), each semester.  Fees and charges are subject to change at the end of any semester. When such changes are made, notice will be given as far in advance as possible.  For information on tuition and fees, please see the Bursar's tuition and fee website: .


  • The graduate stipend is paid in monthly installments through the University Payroll (ADP).
  • Tuition is remitted.
  • Fees are not included and are the responsibility of the student.

Required Expenses

  • Mandatory University Fees (plus Matriculation Fee of $25) . Bursar's Office tuition and fee website:
  • The Board of Regents mandates that all graduate assistants maintain approved health insurance.  Please go to: for more details.  If you currently have health insurance, you are required to apply for a waiver each semester you are enrolled.  If you do not apply for a waiver, you must purchase the mandatory student health insurance.  If you do not have health insurance, you must purchase the mandatory student health insurance.   You will be contacted via your Armstrong email each semester with important information regarding the insurance requirement .

Financial Aid and Graduate Assistantships

Students who receive financial aid awards must notify the Office of Financial Aid (OFA).
if they have accepted a graduate assistantship. OFA calculates funding based on need, as defined by federal regulations. The financial aid award may be processed before a student is aware that he or she will be offered a graduate assistantship. Once the student receives a tuition award, OFA, as required by federal and state regulations, may reduce some of the aid it originally offered.


Applying for a Graduate Assistantship
Employment Info for GAs
Health Insurance Requirement