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SAP Calculator

Use the SAP Calculator to measure your quantitative progress toward degree completion


All students must make significant progress toward completion of degree requirements in order to receive aid.  A minimum completion rate of 67% is required.  When computing this percentage the numbers are not rounded.  The formula for this calculation is as follows:

cumulative number of hours successfully earned / cumulative hours attempted = completion rate

In the OVERALL ATTEMPTED HOURS box list all courses ever taken at the post-secondary level. This includes courses that did not transfer to Armstrong.  Also, all attempts of repeated courses and non-credit coursework are included in the cumulative attempted number.

In the OVERALL EARNED HOURS box list all courses earned. Grades of W, WF, WH, V (audit), F, U, I and NR are not considered successful course completion.

Quantitative (Progression)
    Enter Future Attempted Hours Total Attempted Hours
Overall Attempted Hours
Overall Earned Hours
Estimated Completion Rate  

This calculator is only intended to assist students in estimating their progression.  It may not accurately reflect your completion rate, if all attempted and earned hours are not entered properly.

If you have any questions regarding your SAP status, please contact your Financial Aid Counselor.

SAP Calculator