Financial Aid

Federal Parent PLUS Loans

The Federal Parent PLUS Loan is an educational loan for parents of dependent undergraduate students enrolled and verified in at least half time attendance. Financial need is not a requirement; however, a credit check is required. All loan eligibility is based on the Cost of Attendance minus other aid received.

The interest rate for Federal Parent PLUS Loans is fixed at 6.41%. There is a 4.204% loan origination fee on all Direct PLUS Loans. The fee will be proportionately deducted from each loan disbursement. The interest rates and origination fees for federal loans are determined by federal law.

The first payment is due 60 days after the loan is disbursed or, during the application process, the parent may elect to have the payments deferred until after the student has graduated or dropped below a half-time status.

Federal Parent PLUS Loan funds are credited to the student's account once the funds are delivered electronically to the school.

ALL students requesting loans must complete the student financial aid application process (FAFSA), even if the only aid being requested is the Federal Parent PLUS Loan.

If the parent is denied the Federal Parent PLUS Loan and elects not to use an endorser, the student may be eligible for additional unsubsidized loan funds, but cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance and their eligibility. To request additional loan funds the student should submit a loan request via SHIP.


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