Student Success Committee Bylaws


The Student Success Committee shall recommend policies on recruitment, admissions, advisement, and retention. It will also select award recipients for scholarships.


The committee will define and evaluate advisement goals, objectives and procedures as well as evaluate the relationship between academic advisement and retention. The committee will review both current and proposed policies concerning advisement and recommend changes to the Senate. The committee will additionally identify resource needs for advisement and retention and develop, assess, and help implement an annual advisement and retention plan. Committee work will also include the review of scholarship applications compiled by the Office of Financial Aid, and selection of award recipients. The committee will present the list of candidates for graduation.


The committee shall be composed of ten faculty representatives with at least two from each college, one undergraduate student, one graduate student, and seven ex officio non-voting members. The ex officio, non-voting members are the Director of Academic Orientation and Advisement, the Director of Multicultural Affairs, the Registrar, the Director of the Honors Program, the Director of Financial Aid, the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, and the assistant Vice President of Graduate Studies.


This committee shall meet at least once per month during the Fall and Spring semesters. The committee will determine meeting dates and times to be posted on the senate website.


The minutes of each meeting will be provided to the Secretary of the Senate for posting. A separate report will be submitted to the faculty senate when a recommendation for action is made by this committee. At the end of each semester, the chair of the committee will submit to the Senate a summary of committee activities.

Approved January 2009