Planning, Budget and Facilities Committee Bylaws


The Planning, Budget, and Facilities Committee shall advise the President of the University through the Senate on the issues related to the budget and planning processes where they affect the academic mission of the university.


Responsibilities include recommendations concerning strategic planning, budgeting (including long-range planning and the annual budget prior to its submission to the Board of Regents), as well as planning, development, and expansion of physical facilities when such endeavors affect the academic mission of the university.


The committee shall be composed of nine faculty representatives, one undergraduate and one graduate student, and various ex officio, non-voting members. The nine faculty representatives shall consist of two faculty representatives from each of the four colleges, and one from the Library, where at least one of the faculty representatives must hold graduate faculty status. Ex officio, non-voting members will be one department head, one dean, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Vice President for Financial Services, and the Vice President of External Affairs.


The committee shall meet at least four times each semester of the academic year and make recommendations to the Senate. The committee will determine meeting dates and times to be posted on the senate website.


The committee will, upon approval, provide minutes of each of its meetings to the Secretary of the Senate for posting. At the end of each semester, the chair of the committee will submit to the Senate a summary report of committee activities.

Approved November 2008