Library Committee Bylaws


The Library Committee will make recommendations to the Senate concerning library issues that affect the educational mission of the university and will act in an advisory capacity to the University Librarian.


The committee shall review and make recommendations concerning the library budget and library allocations policies. It will also help promote library-related communication throughout the university. It shall be the duty of the committee to select the winner of the Lane Library/Brockmeier Award for Outstanding Junior Faculty Member.


The voting membership of the committee includes one faculty member from each college, one faculty member from the Library other than the University Librarian, and one undergraduate student member. The University Librarian will be a non-voting, ex officio member of the committee.


The committee shall meet at least once each semester. The committee will determine meeting dates and times to be posted on the senate website.


The committee will, upon approval, provide minutes of each of its meetings to the Secretary of the Senate for posting. At the end of each semester, the chair of the committee will submit to the Senate a summary report of committee activities.

Approved February 2009