Honors Advisory Committee Bylaws


The mission of the Honors Advisory Committee is to serve as advocate for the Honors Program, its students and faculty, and to aid the administration of the program.


The committee shall monitor adherence to guidelines and policies, update and clarify policies, resolve requests for exceptions to policies, invite and review proposals for Honors Program courses, review Honors Program scholarship applications, and select Honors Program scholarship recipients.


The committee shall meet at least once per semester during the academic year. The committee will determine meeting dates and times to be posted on the senate website.


The committee will, upon approval, provide minutes of each of its meetings to the Secretary of the Senate for posting. Reports and recommendations shall be directed to the Faculty Senate. At the end of each semester, the chair of the committee will submit to the Senate a summary report of committee activities.


The committee shall consist of five faculty members, of whom at least three have working experience in the honors program, the Director of the Honors Program, and one undergraduate student representative, all of whom have voting rights. In consultation with the Director of the Honors Program, the President of the Student Government Association shall appoint the student representative on the Honors Committee. One faculty member shall serve as Committee chair and one faculty member shall serve as Committee secretary.

Approved December 2008