Faculty Welfare Committee Bylaws


The Faculty Welfare Committee will protect the welfare of the faculty and promote a sense of faculty community.


The committee shall consider issues and proposals related to faculty welfare including all matters relevant to faculty conditions of employment. The committee shall be involved in issues of policy and shall not consider individual cases. The committee shall make recommendations to the Senate for either information purposes or for action. The committee will make recommendations to the Senate concerning faculty evaluation policies and procedures after receiving reports from its Evaluation Subcommittee. The committee may promote various intellectual, educational and social activities that foster a sense of the faculty community.


The committee shall meet three times per academic year or more as needed. The committee will determine meeting dates and times to be posted on the senate website.


Upon approval, the minutes of each Faculty Welfare Committee meeting will be submitted to the Secretary of the Faculty Senate. Furthermore, an annual summary report shall be submitted at the end of each academic year by the chair of the committee.


The committee shall be composed of nine faculty members, with two from the College of Liberal Arts, two from the College of Science and Technology, two from the College of Education, two from the College of Health Professions, and one from the Library. At least one member must hold graduate faculty status.

Approved December 2008