Faculty Senate Bills (FSB)

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FSB-2015-04-20-01 University Curriculum Committee  
FSB-2015-03-23-09 Academic Standings Policy  
FSB-2015-03-23-08 Duties of the Education Technology Committee  
FSB-2015-03-23-07 Education Technology Committee Representation  
FSB-2015-03-23-06 Senators and Alternates  
FSB-2015-03-23-04 Duties of the Vice President of the Senate  
FSB-2015-03-23-03 Terms and Titles for President and Vice President  
FSB-2015-03-23-01 University Curriculum Committee
FSB-2015-02-16-01 University Curriculum Committee
FSB-2015-01-26-03 Budget Planning Bill (revised)
FSB-2015-01-26-03 Shared Planning of Future Budget Cuts
FSB-2015-01-26-01 University Curriculum Committee  
FSB-2014-11-17-02 Armstrong State University’s Title IX Policy  
FSB-2014-11-17-01 University Curriculum Committee  
FSB-2014-10-20-01 University Curriculum Committee  
FSB-2014-09-15-01 University Curriculum Committee  
FSB  2014-05-12-01 Institutional Accountability, Transparency and Communication  
FSB_2014-04-21-02b Graduate Affairs Committee  
FSB_2014-04-21-02a Graduate Affairs Committee  
FSB_2014-04-21-01 University Curriculum Committee  
FSB_2014-03-24-07 Payment Schedule for Part-Time Faculty  
FSB_2014-03-24-06 Salary Inversion  
FSB_2014-03-24-05 Faculty Research Scholarship Awards Committee  
FSB_2014-03-24-04 Student Research & Scholarship Council  
FSB_2014-03-24-03 Part-Time Faculty Compensation Taskforce  
FSB_2014-03-24-02 Graduate Affairs Committee  
FSB_2014-03-24-01 University Curriculum Committee  
FSB_2014-02-17-02 Graduate Affairs Committee  
FSB_2014-02-17-01 University Curriculum Committee  
FSB-2014-01-27-02b Graduate Affairs Committee  
FSB-2014-01-27-02a Graduate Affairs Committee  
FSB-2014-01-27-01b University Curriculum Committee  
FSB-2014-01-27-01a University Curriculum Committee  
FSB-2013-11-18-07 Presidential Response to FS Bills & Resolutions  
FSB-2013-11-18-06 Removal of Graduate Affairs Committee  
FSB-2013-11-18-05 Removal of Research and Scholarship and Faculty Development Committees  
FSB-2013-11-18-04 Creation of Senate Governance Committee  
FSB-2013-11-18-03 Re-Election of Senators  
FSB-2013-11-18-01 University Curriculum Committee  
FSB-2013-10-21-04 Selected Standing Committee Elimination  
FSB-2013-10-21-03 Domestic Partners Benefits  
FSB-2013-10-21-01 University Curriculum Committee  
FSB-2013-09-23-04 Third Year Salary Analysis  
FSB-2013-09-23-03 New Administrative Positions Freeze  
FSB-2013-09-23-02 Graduate Affairs Committee  
FSB-2013-09-23-01 University Curriculum Committee  
FSB-2013-08-19-04 Promotion of Shared Governance  
FSB-2013-08-19-03 Transparency in Armstrong Infrastruture Planning  
FSB-2013-04-15-03 Comprehensive Salary Analysis
FSB-2013-04-15-02 Graduate Affairs Committee
FSB-2013-04-15-01 University Curriculum Committee
FSB-2013-03-18-06 Annual Financial Report
FSB-2013-03-18-05 Emeritus Faculty


FSB034 Timeline

FSB043 UCC Approval Jan 2011
FSB044 Constitution & Bylaws Amendments
FSB045 Graduate Coordinator Compensation
FSB046 UCC & Graduate Affairs Committee
FSB047 Compensation Increases Unsigned
FSB048 Graduate Affairs Committee Actions (Part I, Part II)
FSB049 Graduation and Commencement Procedures (formerly listed as FSB001.11/12)
FSB050 Graduate Curriculum Committee
FSB051 Graduate Assistant Allocations (Part I, Part II)
FSB052 University Curriculum Committee
FSB053 University Curriculum Committee
FSB054 Graduate Curriculum Committee
FSB055 University Curriculum Committee
FSB056 Improving eFace Response Rates
FSB057 Summer Teaching Assignments
FSB058 Philosophy B.A. Program
FSB059 University Curriculum Committee
FSB060a Graduate Curriculum Committee
FSB060b Graduate Curriculum Committee
FSB061 Summer Teaching Assignments
FSB062 Study Abroad
FSB063 Graduate Curriculum Committee
FSB064 University Curriculum Committee
FSB065 University Curriculum Committee
FSB066 Graduate Curriculum Committee