Award for Distinguished Service by a Part-Time Faculty Member



The award is presented each year, when merited, to an AASU part-time faculty member who has completed at least 12 credit hours of teaching service or has been employed at least two semesters at AASU and who has demonstrated outstanding service to the students, to the university, and/or to the discipline during that period. Criteria for the distinguished service awards for full-time faculty shall guide the selection of a part-time faculty member for this award.

Nomination & Selection Process

Nominations, which may originate with any member of the university community, should be sent to the head of the nominee's department, who is responsible for providing a copy of the nominee's curriculum vita (and, if desired, a letter of support) and forwarding nominating materials to the President of the Faculty Senate. Nominations should provide significant supporting documentation, including an informed evaluation of the individual's service.

The deadline for submitting nominations for the Award for Distinguished Service by a Part-Time Faculty Member is March 23, 2015.