Award for Distinguished Faculty Service to the Community



The award is presented each year, when merited, to a person with faculty rank who has shown outstanding service to the local or larger community. This award specifically recognizes the use of the faculty member's academic expertise in ways that benefit the community or the public in general. Recognized activities may include service on boards, consulting, public presentations or lectures, or other activities that are donated to the community.

Nomination & Selection Process

Nominations, which may originate with anyone, should be sent to the academic dean corresponding to the department of the nominee. The Council of Deans will forward its recommendation(s) before the end of spring semester, and an ad hoc committee convened by the president of the Faculty Senate will then decide whether to identify a recipient of the award. Eligibility for this award includes all those with faculty rank, including members of the administration. Nominations should provide significant supporting documentation, including the record of service and an informed evaluation of that service, to justify an award.

The deadline for submitting nominations for the Award for Distinguished Faculty Service to the Community is March 23, 2015.