Alumni for Distinguished Faculty Service to the Academic Discipline



The award is presented each year, when merited, to the faculty member who contributes significantly to his or her discipline as follows: the creation of new knowledge through original research (including that generated through the direction of student projects); the development of new understanding through scholarly works that analyze, interpret, and/or reorganize existing knowledge; the dissemination of new or existing knowledge through participation in scholarly meetings and conferences; editing or reviewing of scholarly production; the advancement of one's scholarly discipline through participation in disciplinary organizations.

Nomination & Selection Process

Nominations--which may be submitted by any faculty member, department head, or dean--should be sent to the academic dean corresponding to the department of the nominee. The nomination must be accompanied by a written endorsement from the faculty member's department head. The Research and Scholarship Committee and one member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors will make a recommendation to the Vice President and Dean of Faculty.

The deadline for submitting nominations for the Alumni Award for Distinguished Faculty Service to the Academic Discipline is March 23, 2015.