Widely-publicized breaches such as those affecting TJX Corporation Target, Home Depot, and IRS records have become all too common and put the confidentiality of citizens’ and governments’ information at risk.  The demand for individuals with expertise in preventing and investigating these attacks will only continue to increase as society’s dependence on information systems grows and society’s enemies become ever more adept at bypassing information security measures.

Armstrong’s Center for Applied Cyber Education (CACE) is a state-of-the art facility offering an interdisciplinary approach to cyber education.  Under the auspices of the university’s Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, in collaboration with the Department of Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science and the Cyber Forensics Division of Armstrong’s Police Department, students will learn to secure data, investigate intrusions, and prosecute cyber-crimes from Day One.  Forget the traditional “war games.”  The CACE has developed red team vs. blue team multi-tiered simulations that pull together the full spectrum of cyber education in a single exercise.  Through the CACE, students receive first-class instruction that prepares them to prevent and investigate cyber-attacks on networks and systems throughout the world.

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Upcoming Conferences/Workshops

Georgia Chamber of Commerce 2015 Cybersecurity Summitt - July 15th - 2015

USGIF GEOINT Hackathon - June 12-14th - 2015

IACIS 2015 - October 7 - 10th - 2015

2015 ICS Cyber Security Conference - October 26-29th - 2015

ACM CCS 2015 - October 12-16th - 2015

ACSAC 31 - December 7-11th - 2015

Cyber-security related programs

Cyber Affairs and Security Graduate Certificate Program

Cybersecurity Certificate

Associate of Science in Cyber Security

Cyber Security Minor

BS in Criminal Justice - Cyber Crime track

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