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Information Technology Services

Armstrong’s License Agreement for Turnitin

The University has a license agreement with Turnitin, an educational tool that helps prevent or identify plagiarism from Internet resources. Your instructor may use the service in this class by requiring you to submit assignments electronically to Turnitin, by submitting assignments on your behalf, or by providing the option for you to check your own work for originality. The Turnitin Originality Report will indicate the amount of original text in your work and whether all material that you quoted, paraphrased, summarized, or used from another source is appropriately referenced. If you or your instructor submits all or part of your assignment to the Turnitin service, Turnitin will ordinarily store that assignment in its database. The assignment will be checked to see if there is any match between your work and other material stored in Turnitin's database. If you object to long-term storage of your work in the Turnitin database, you must inform your instructor no later than two weeks after the start of this class. You have three options regarding your assignment being stored in the Turnitin database:

  1. If you do nothing then your assignment will be stored in the Turnitin database for the duration of Armstrong’s contract with Turnitin.
  2. You can ask your instructor to have Turnitin store your assignment only for the duration of the semester or term, then have you assignment deleted from the Turnitin database once the class is over.
  3. You can ask your instructor to change the Turnitin settings so that your assignment is not stored in the Turnitin database at any time.

Student papers are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) as they are educational records that contain personally identifiable information. If you submit a paper or an excerpt from a paper on behalf of a student for evaluation by Turnitin, use an alias instead of the student's name and ensure that any reference to the organization where the student is employed is removed before submission. As long as students' papers are stored in the Turnitin database, your name and e-mail address will be associated with your students' papers. If the paper submitted by or on behalf of another student at Armstrong or any other institution that utilizes the Turnitin database matches your student's paper, you may be contacted.  If Turnitin requests permission to release a paper, faculty shall deny the request.

Faculty Guidelines for Using Turnitin Notice to Students:

If you choose to use Turnitin for your classes, you must notify your students via your syllabus and announcements. Include a link ( to the above notice in your syllabus and make an announcement in class or via the learning management system announcements section.
Prior to using Turnitin faculty must take part in a Turnitin training session.  Contact IT Services for available training sessions or materials.
In a case of suspected plagiarism, faculty should refer to Armstrong’s Honor Code and Code of Conduct and proceed accordingly.