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Google Notifier for PC

Click this link to download the Notifier:

NOTE: This installation will assist in using the EMAIL ALL function in SHIP while using Internet Explorer, and also when selecting an email link on a webpage.

Using Windows Internet Explorer
  1. Click Download Gmail Notifier.

2.  Click Save-choose a location to save the file (i.e. Desktop)   Note: Remember where you saved this document

3. Once you choose your location, Click Save.

4. Click Run to start the download.
5. Click Run to run the application.
6. Accept GoogleNotifier agreement    Click "I Agree".

7. Place a check in the boxes next to “Run on startup” and “Use for outgoing mail” . Then Click Next.

8. Click Next to choose the destination folder.
9. Click Install to install application.
11. After installation is complete you will be prompted to enter a username and password. Then select OK.  This is your Google email account information (

12. There will be an envelope icon in the lower right taskbar of your desktop.


·         Right click on the envelope icon this will bring up a menu.
·         Select
Options, this will display the “Gmail Notifier Options Window”.

·         Place a check in the box next to “Use Gmail for internet mailto:”
  Make sure  the system default is set to Internet ExplorerThis will allow Internet Explorer to use Google Notifier as the default mail to client.


Google Notifier