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Desire2Learn Quick Tips for Instructors


This page will provide tips that have been shared by other instructors and staff to assist with course creation.

Course Content - To hide enumeration (i.e. Module 1, etc....)

  1. Click Content (from the home page)
  2. Click pencil icon to edit module
  3. Check box for hide enumeration for this module
  4. Add or modify the Title field for the module.
  5. Save

Course Content - Moving a file from one module/folder into another

If you create a file but add it to the wrong module, you do not have to delete it and re-add it.

  1.     From the content area, place a check mark in the box next to the file you wish to move
  2.     Use the icon that looks like an up arrow with 3 dots on the left of it        
  3.      When you click it, it will then ask you where you wish to place it
  4.     Select the folder/module you want it to be in
  5.     It will be moved to that folder/module then you can reorder the files as it will place this one at the bottom.

Discussion - Audio post

  1. On a Windows and Mac the audio tool works in Chrome.
  2. You will see a message stating Denied by Flash until you select radio button for Allow in the Adobe Flash Player Settings window within Desire2Learn.
  3. This option is available for both instructors and students.

Discussons - Creating discussions

  1. Go into the discussion tool
    1. Select New Forum. This is the same as a category
    2. Then select New Topic
    3. Name the topic and make sure that it is in the proper forum
    4. In the topic, set availability for posting
  2. Restrictions tab in the discussions tool:
    1. Set any Release conditions for individuals or groups
    2. Assessments tab in the discussions tool:
    3. Create a new grade item if this is to be a gradable item
    4. Make sure to include the point value in the Out of field
    5. Add a rubric if you choose
  3. Objectives tab in the discussions tool:
    1. Set up any learning objects you may have for your course here

Edit Course - Placing a dropbox, quiz or discussion into the content area of a course

  1. Go to the Edit Course area on the navigation bar in the right-hand corner
  2. Select Course Builder
  3. Scroll down to the bottom on the left side of the page
  4. Here you will select your item – Quizzes, Dropbox or Discussions
  5. Click on the item you wish to add
  6. Place a check mark in the box of the one to be added
  7. Then scroll down to the bottom and select the Add to Course button
  8. Now choose which module or folder to place it into
  9. The item will appear
  10. Go back to Content and reorder the items in that module or folder, as this one will appear at the bottom

Gradebook - Releasing final grades to your students

  1. Select the Grades tool from the Navigation bar
  2. Select the Manage Grades link
  3. Go to the Final Calculated/Final Adjusted Grades area and select the yellow ruler with the green check mark on it – this will take you to see all of your students.
  4. Place a check mark in the box next to the yellow ruler with the green check mark then select the eyeball icon.
  5. This will place a check mark in the box to the right under Final Calculated/Final Adjusted Grade for all of your students.

Gradebook - View student grades

To view the individual student grades in the grade book

  1. Select grades from the Navigation Bar
  2. Select User List
  3. Select "Switch to Spreadsheet View"

Quizzes - Building quizzes from the question library

  1. From the Quizzes Tool
  2. Select New and enter a name for the quiz
    1. Go to Layout/Questions tab
    2. Add/Edit Questions
    3. Under the Create new: select Section or Random Section from the dropdown menu
    4. Next, select the Import button
    5. Leave from Existing collection for the Import Source
    6. Choose Question Library for the Source Collection
    7. Then select Collection Root for the Source Section
    8. Now select the questions that you wish to put in that quiz by putting a check mark by the selected questions
    9. Click Save button
  3. Select Back to Quiz Layout/Questions in the top right corner
  4. Click on Preview
  5. Click Start Quiz
  6. Then click OK.
  7. Click Exit Preview once finished reviewing

Quizzes - Changing a Quiz score or answer after students have taken the quiz

  1. From the Quizzes Tool:
    1. Click on the name of the quiz your students have already taken
    2. Click on the [Grade] icon (yellow ruler with green checkmark)
    3. Click on the [Questions] tab
    4. Click to choose "Update all attempts"
    5. Each question in the quiz is listed under the [Question] tab
    6. NOTE: If any question was changed after ANY student took the quiz, scroll down to look for the ORIGINAL version of the question(s), under the heading "Questions that are not on the quiz anymore"
    7. Clicking on a question brings you to the question, with a summary of student responses.
    8. Click on the title for each question you need to change scoring on, including old versions of the same question, if necessary
    9. Under each version, you will have the option to "give all attempts ___ points" or "give to selected choices ____ points"
  2. This is where the instructor can correct the problem with quiz scoring
    1. For example, if the instructor accidentally flagged the wrong answer in the quiz as correct, D2L would have erroneously given points to the students who chose the wrong answer
    2. The instructor may open the erroneously-marked version of the question, change the scoring to give the wrong answer 0 points, and give full points to the correct answer
  3. Click the Save button

Quizzes - Feedback to students

Then when an instructor has provided feedback the student will have a link to select to view when looking at their quiz attempt.

Quizzes - How to add images to quiz questions

  1. All the images need to be saved on the computer.  You can copy and paste from the clipboard (only in Explorer - not Firefox), but it's better to do it from a saved jpeg. There's two different ways of adding the image.
  2. Option 1: A test that has mulitple questions that refer to the same image. In this case, add the image in the header under properties. Click on the add image icon when in the edit mode for the header and it will allow you to choose the file. Upload image and then save the quiz. This way, the image comes up in the quiz with all the questions listed underneath.
  3. Option 2: Allows you to add an image to a single question. Under Layout/Questions tab click on Add/Edit Questions. Click the question to which you want the image added and click on the pencil icon under Edit. In the next screen click Add a File and select the image file from your computer. Click upload and then save. Go back to the quiz and click save quiz once all the images have been added to specific questions.

Quizzes - Releasing Quizzes to your students after completion

  1. The box within the Quiz tool should be checked as "allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion".
  2. Next add an additional view under the View Submissions tab.
  3. Set the time that you wish to have it begin being displayed to your students.
  4. If you have given your student’s only one chance to take the exam, the only they will see is Attempts Completed.
  5. Now they need to choose Submissions, and then select the Attempt 1.
  6. Also go to the Restrictions tab and change the time and date so your students can see their exam/quiz.

Student View Access

  1. The student view access that is available through Desire2Learn does not show the grades and quiz feedback as it appears for students.
  2. Instructors can request to have a student account created and added to there course to be able to view all the tools the same way a student can.
  3. To make this request please send a request to and include the courses that you want this account to have access to.

Unenroll Students Process

Instructors have the ability to unenroll the students that no longer need access to your course.

  1. Go into your course,
  2. Select classlist,
  3. Select the box next to the students you wish to remove.
  4. Located at the top or the bottom is a person icon with a red minus sign next to it, just click on the red minus and you can unenroll the selected students from your course.

Please send additional tips to share with colleagues to