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Information Technology Services

Device Recommendations

Attendee Requirements:

To listen to a Blackboard Collaborate session, one must have speakers or a headset. In a lab setting, students must use a headset. By default, all students can send chat messages to the instructor or to the entire class. If the instructor requires a student to speak during a session, then the student must have microphone. If the instructor requires a student to video or project themselves speaking, the student must also use a webcam. Please view the recommended devices below.

Moderator Requirements:

To present in a Blackboard Collaborate classroom session, one must have a microphone and speakers. To prevent echoing, it is best to use ear buds and a separate microphone or a headset with a built-in microphone. The best microphones and headsets for presenting and recording audio read 'noise canceling'. Mac users also need to make sure to have microphones or headset with a USB connection. A webcam is optional for presenting in a Blackboard Collaborate session. Webcams with built-in microphones do not pick up as clearly as a desktop or a headset microphone.

The following audio devices are recommended for personal use.


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