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Atempo LiveBackup Campus Solution

What is Atempo LiveBackup?

Atempo LiveBackup is a data protection solution that continuously backups your computer files.  Available for both Windows and Mac computers, LiveBackup protects your documents within your documents folder and on the desktop.  After the creation of the initial backup to the LiveBackup server, LiveBackup protects your files continuously as you work and allows for quick file recovery.  With the LiveBackup Recovery Assistant, you can recover your protected files without the assistance of IT Services.

How does it work?

Initially, LiveBackup creates a copy of individual files and folders located in your document folder and desktop.  This first backup is called the initial checkpoint.  Then, LiveBackup continuously tracks all changes made to each protected file and saves incremental versions of them.  This enables you to restore previous version of a protected file.

How much backup space is available to me?

Each faculty member will have 10GB of backup space for their primary office computer.  Each staff member will have 5GB allotted for their office computer.
If your backup exceeds the allotted space, IT Services will work with you to evaluate what files types are being included by your backup.  Based on the evaluation, it may determine that some files need to be removed from the backup or that more space needs to be allocated.

How long are my files protected with LiveBackup?

Once a file has been deleted, you have 30 days to recover the file from the LiveBackup server.  After 30 days, the deleted backup file will be purged from the server.

How long will it take to recover a deleted file?

Since LiveBackup continuously tracks saved changes to your files, you can begin recovering your files immediately.

Will all of my computer files be included in the backup?

No.  LiveBackup will only protect files located in the following locations:
PC Users :            \My Documents folder and on the desktop
MAC Users:        /Users/*/Documents and on the desktop

Will all my files located in the Documents folder and the desktop be included in the backup?

No. The following file locations and file types will not be protected by LiveBackup:

PC Users: File Locations MAC Users: File Locations
\My Documents\My Pictures /Users/*/Pictures
\My Documents\My Music /Users/*/Music
\My Documents\My Videos /Users/*/Movies
\My Documents\Downloads /Users/*/Downloads
/Users/*/Virtual Machines

*.exe, *.iso, *.dat

What if I do not want some of my files protected by LiveBackup?

You will need to create a ‘Do Not Backup’ folder within your documents folder or on the desktop. Once the ‘Do Not Backup’ folder is created, you can move the files you wish to exclude into the folder.

I currently backup to the J: drive.  Do I need LiveBackup?

Yes.  The current J: drive solution required you to remember to manually copy your files to the drive and is limited in storage space.  LiveBackup will replace the current backup area on your J: drive.  With LiveBackup you have a continuous backup of your protected data more backup storage space than the J: drive. 

If you have questions or problems, please contact the HelpDesk at 344.2518 or email