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Wireless FAQ

For Faculty and Staff
AASU_ FACULTY_WLAN is the wireless network available for Faculty and Staff. COMPASS, the new campus wireless connection, can be used for Internet access on mobile phone devices.

What do I need on my laptop to access the campus wireless signal?

Wireless usage on AASU campus requires at least Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Mac OS 10.4. Your Port of Armstrong username and password information is also needed. To access AASU_FACULTY_WLAN, computers with Windows XP/Vista/7 require the SecureW2 TTLS client.

Do I need to install the client?

Many campus resources will only be available through AASU_FACULTY_WLAN which use WPA2-Enterprise encryption and authentication for greater security. Access for Faculty and Staff is available through a WPA2 secure connection to access networked printers and network shared drives. This secure connection will reduce the possibility of your information being compromised as it traverses the wireless network and meets the State of Georgia recommendations for wireless networks.

If you need access to internet only you can use the "COMPASS" connection that does not require the client.

Can I connect my Blackberry® or iPod/iPhone® to the internet?

You can connect to the "COMPASS" network with your Blackberry® or iPod/iPhone®. When prompted for the network's key or passphrase, enter:

After connecting to this network, open your web browser to enter your Novell/Port user name and password on the login page.

Can I connect my Android™ device to the internet?

Follow the instructions below to connect your device to the internet:

General Android instructions
(Applies to most Android devices)

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi Settings

Make sure "Wi-Fi" button is in the "on" postion (This turns on Wi-Fi)
Choose "AASU_FACULTY_WLAN" from the list of available wifi networks

Plug in the following values:
EAP Method: TTLS
Phase 2 Authentication: PAP
CA certificate: "N/A"
Client certificate: "N/A"
Identity: (Novell/Port user ID)
Anonymous Identity: (Novell/Port user ID)
Wireless Password: (Novell/Port password)
Click "Connect"

How do I install and access the preconfigured software?

The Secure W2 TTLS Client for Windows XP and Vista can be obtained via IT Services Help Desk. Below are installation instructions; choose based on your laptop operating system.

Detailed Instructions for AASU_FACULTY_WLAN

Installation for laptops using Window XP operating system

Installation for laptops using Window Vista operating system

Adapter Instructions

Network Card Information

Can I connect using Windows 7?

Computers with Windows 7 will work with the version available for download at In ad.dition to installing the SecureW2 client, further configuration of Windows notebooks is typically required. Below are installation instructions:

Installation for laptops using window 7 operating system

Can I connect using a Mac laptop?

Mac laptops with OS 10.4 or greater may be configured to connect to these networks without third party software.

Installation for laptops using Mac OS 10.4 and Mac 8021 x screen shots
Installation for laptops using Mac OS 10.5 or greater

Where is the campus wireless signal available?

Annex 2
Armstrong Center
Ashmore Hall
Aquatic Recreation Center
Burnett Hall
Compass Point
Cyber-Security Center
Fine Arts
Gamble Hall
Hawes Hall
Jenkins Hall
Lane Library
Learning Commons
Liberty Center Hinesville Campus
Memorial College Center
Science Hall
Solms Hall
Sports Center
Student Recreation Center
Student Union
University Hall
Victor Hall
Windward Commons

If you have questions or problems, please contact the Helpdesk at 344.2518 or by email .