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ITS Password Policy

Date Issued: 04/05/2011
Policy No.: ITS-090
Updated: 12/20/12


This policy establishes conditions for the use of and requirements for user IDs and passwords. These requirements are necessary to help ensure personal security and protect business, research and academic interactions throughout the University.


User ID – User Identification
Password - A password is a private string of numeric or alphabetic characters that is used for authentication to a resource.

Procedure Reference

All use of university owned network related technology and key systems must be authenticated with a user ID and a password or other approved authentication methods. All authentication methods must be approved by the Chief Information Officer prior to use. The following password creation guidelines are based upon experience and common sense password guidelines. The software utilities used to change passwords will screen for some of these guidelines as an aid in creating secure passwords. This does not relieve a person of the responsibility for creating and securing a good password. Armstrong account owners are expected to:

  • Create a unique password.
  • Avoid using words found in the dictionary as passwords.
  • Change their password, at a minimum, every 90 days.
  • Safeguard all passwords. (Do not write or store the password on paper or on a computer system where others might acquire it.).
  • Never email a password.
  • Never share a password.
  • Reserve the Armstrong Account password for Armstrong systems and services only. Individuals should create a different password for external services such as stores, banks, music services, or other online systems.
  • Change their password immediately at first use.
  • Create passwords that contain a minimum of seven unique characters.
  • Create passwords that contain numeric, alphabetic, and special characters.
  • Never create passwords that start or end with the initials of the person issued the user ID.
  • Never create passwords that include the first, middle, or last name of the person issued the user ID.
  • Never create passwords that contain information easily obtainable about the person issued the user ID (This includes license plate, social security number, telephone numbers, cell numbers, or street address).


Individuals who forget their password or need assistance with their password should contact the IT Services Helpdesk for support ( or 912.344.2518).

Cross Reference

ITS Acceptable Use Policy

Responsible Organization

Information Technology Services

Responsible Officer

Chief Infomation Officer


Password Policy