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What is Voice-over IP (VoIP)?

VoIP, or IP Telephony, is a communication services through voice, facsimile, and/or voice messaging applications that are transported via the Internet, rather than the public switched telephone network. The need to support advanced network applications and emerging technologies with converged technology has become a reality in the industry and, particularly, within the university community. This state-of-the-art system enables AASU to build a strong foundation for the future. This allows the campus the ability to manage our phone system internally, enabling us to have access to more features and more applications (i.e., employees will be able to configure various features, such as speed dial), directly on the phone.

What features are available on the IP phone?

The basic features on every phone line are programmed into the new system. Optional features such as speed dial, call display, or distinctive ringing, can be customized by the end user. Other, more enhanced features will be added in the future.

Can I access my voicemail from off campus?

Yes. Voicemail can be accessed from off campus by dialing 344.2501. Press the "#" key as soon as the system answers. You will then be prompted to enter your 5-digit mail box number (your 5-digit extension). After you have entered your mail box number, the system will prompt you to enter your security code. The system will then allow you to check your messages, change your standard greeting, etc

Does the VoIP telephone system provide long distance savings?

The long distance savings is minimal. The real savings comes from the monthly cost of the telephone lines.

Does the VoIP system affect my computer?

No. In some locations the computer is plugged into the phone. This does not impact the usage of your computer.

Will my phone work during a power failure?

Yes. For a limited duration the phone system will have a UPS back-up and will remain useful for at least 30 minutes if power in a building goes out. There will also be emergency phones placed in buildings that will be outside of the phone system in the event of a system wide outage.

Can I view the call logs on my VoIP telephone set?

Yes. There is a call log button on the telephone to view missed, answered, and outgoing calls.

Will I be able to see who is calling?

Yes. The system allows you to see the incoming telephone number and name similar to caller ID.

Do the VoIP telephones have speaker phone capabilities?

All phones have speaker capability.

Can I make my number private?

To have your phone number be private for off campus calls, each time Dial *67, then 9 followed by the off campus phone number. This will work for local and long distance calls.

Can I have my telephone number deleted from the directory?

All phone numbers are listed in the directory. You can change your name to a title or to the phone number but it will not be removed from the directory.

Can I move my telephone to a new office?

No. Please keep all telephones in their current locations.

How do I move my telephone number to my new office location?

Using the VoIP system you can log out of one location and then log into the new location and keep your current telephone number. Click here for the log in/out process.

How do new employees receive telephone numbers?

New employees receive their telephone numbers when they receive their email account. This form should be completed to request a telephone number and email account.

How can I get my side car programmed or pick up groups set up?

Send an email request to the and include in the email the telephone numbers you need programmed into the sidecar or pickup group. The Helpdesk staff will create a ticket and get the process started. You will be notified once the process has been completed. If you have questions or problems, please contact the Helpdesk at 344.2518 or by email