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Information Technology Services


Pharos Printing                                                                                 

AT THE COMPUTER - Send a print job to Pharos

1. Review your document for accuracy in content

2. Click the print option from the application and select the Pharos printer.  Names of the Pharos printers will vary depending on the location.

3. A “Print Job Details” dialog box will open

4.  Click PRINT.

AT THE PHAROS RELEASE STATION – Retrieve your printouts

1. Swipe your Pirate Card through the card reader - A print queue will appear.

2. Click on your print job (the name you gave it previously).

3. Click on the Print button.  The “Protected Job Password” dialog will appear.

1.Click on the OK button.

2. If you have more than one print job in the Pharos print queue, select you next job to release.

3. Click on the LogOff  button (lower left bottom of screen) to ensure that you are not charged for someone else’s print job.

4. Retrieve your printouts from the printer.


*Print jobs not released within 1 hour will be removed from the Pharos print queue.